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artofzoo Cookiecrew Freebie 2

“ Cookiecrew Freebie 2”

Something a bit special for the hardcore Pet Fans. Our very own soap opera! This is great ๐Ÿ™‚
Continuing on where “Naughty Girl” left off, “Night and Day” is the continuing saga of Mama Mochas vision to establish a branch of ZooSkool in South America, for the training of wayward young Ladies, in the Art of Pet Pleasure. Mama takes her role as Headmistress very seriously. No flower will pass through her hands without receiving plenty of the correct training. And my God, what an excellent Teacher She is. Strict, and uncompromising, this Lady gets results. With Head Mistress Mama in charge, the animal cum flows like beverages at Oktoberfest.

Of course, to launch a reputable establishment, one first needs some well trained students to set example to other Ladies arriving for tuition. To demonstrate her capabilities as a Teacher. And what better place to begin, than with her 2 very own, very lovely daughters. Yes, her very own flesh and blood. (yes, I’ve seen the papers, no bullshit family petlove around here!) We’ve already met Cookie, Her oldest daughter. This time, introducing the lovely Blossom – a delicious 19 years young Latina debutante ready for her first day at Skool.

Episode 1 opens with Mama reviewing the “Naught Girl” movie with Cookie. Mama is disappointed with Cookies performance, venting her frustrations at the screen. No love. No knotting. This, is not the kind of performance Mama expects from her students, especially her own daughters. Her girls are supposed to set the standard for her school, in skill, in dedication. She feels Cookies performance in “Naughty Girl”, was lackluster. She might as well open a website, call it “noKnot.genius”, so the world can see how inept she is at getting results from Her students. Unimpressed. Her reputation as a first-class Teacher is on the line here. What’s a Mama to do?

Mama decides to inject a little competition into her family unit. Maybe this will inspire both girls to give their all to their training. She summons her younger daughter, Blossom, to her chamber, and explains her frustrations. It’s time for Blossom to become a woman, and start giving that sweet tender young pussy, to the dogs.

She instructs Blossom to strip down, so she can inspect that pet-pussy-to-be. To see if she is ready. Mama gives her daughters sex a thorough examination, and finds that, yes, she is freshly ripe for the taking…
No time to waste, Mama wants her to get started right away. Having explained what she expects from her daughter, it’s time to get some sweet dog cum flowing up into Blossom’s blossom. Mama brings in Stallone, and instructs the young seรฑorita to get down, and get doggy with it.

Blossom is a natural in the Art of K9 ecstasy. In a heartbeat, Blossom’s box is packed full of dog cock, as happily humps her the right way – burying a knot between those tender young petals. Mama coos her approval, and encouragement as her daughter loses her pet cherry, and takes her first load of dog cum where it belongs. Mama is not only an epic mama, and an epic Teacher – She is also an epic actress, you are gonna fall in love with this most charming Pet Mother. The work Cookie Crew put into this production is really something else. I’ve seen crappy soaps on TV that don’t measure up to this. I honestly can see this ending up on Latin TV somewhere in the future! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s plain fucking awesome – and, it’s just the first episode too! (We’ll call “Naughty Girl” the pilot).

The story continues with Blossoms further training. The young Lady fucks and sucks her way through several other sessions – practice makes perfect. Blossom understands that, for her Mama to succeed in her vision, she needs to do her part. Being the best Dog Bitch she can be is her duty, night, and day. She can look forward to the day, one day, when she is no longer the student, but the Mistress. The rest, you will have to see for yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve wanted our own soap, for years. We tried it previously, in Portugal, with Pippa, Domino etc. We did not quite pull it off that time – this time, I think we got something special. I’m hooked, and I reckon you will be too. The plan is, for us to release 1 episode of “Night and Day”, each month. We’ll expand and develop the story of the School, Mama and her family, and other Mothers bringing their daughters to the School for correct instruction. Who knows where this might go? I’m hella excited, Gang, and I hope you are too.

Major compliments to the Cookie Crew. If this production is as well received as I expect it will be – I kinda know what you folks like by now eh ๐Ÿ˜‰ – we will start wrapping some Mogul action around this, start ramping up production quality, sets, props – we’ll be getting some of you to help with writing story arcs and such, cameos, romance, the works. The first soap of it’s kind in the world, eva.

Now Mama has drawn the line in the sand, and set the bar for the standard of dog fucking – what will She make of Her girls dog sucking skills? How will Cookie react to Blossom stealing her Thunder? All will be revealed, in next month’s episode of… – “Night and Day” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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