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DevoteHuendin - Absolute Pet

“Devoted to Dog Love – Horny DV has a Pet Pussy and knows how to use it…”

Producer: ILZ
Models: DevoteHuendin with Bullseye
Running Time: 31 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)

Movie Released and Available Now!*

(* Please allow time for editing and processing)

ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women
DV understands her Pet Pussy is the focal point when dogs are around…

So, once in a while, a Pet Girl turns up who is so completely into dog love, that it’s just plain inspiring. And horny, don’t forget horny. Introducing the very naughty DevoteHuendin – or DV for short. Some of you may have read the Ladys interview here, so you know she takes her pet pleasure quite seriously. We like that in a Lady 😉
Also introducing Bullseye, the latest addition to the Gaia Stud Kennel. He is still quite young, but is quite enjoying this new rock ‘n roll lifestyle, wine, women and song. Well, don’t we all.

ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women
The Lady is truly devoted to that hard doggy humping…

DV is extremely submissive, and giving herself completely to dogs is the perfect way for the Lady to express her sub side. The name “DevoteHuendin” more or less means “Devoted to Dog Love”. For DV, dog fucking is not just a fun sport, or an erotic performance – though it’s those things too. For DV, to dedicate her most intimate private places to the sexual pleasure of animals – this is a matter of principle. I hope I am explaining this clearly enough – that vagina, really is for pets. In fact, if we were to ask DV “would you like to fuck this dog?”, I would expect the Lady to be angry with us for even asking such a ridiculous question.

ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women
DVs Pet Pussy pokes teasingly through her panties – Bullseye takes her all the same…

Despite my spiel in Honey’s release, about taking the knot – DV has a weight of experience behind her. And that vagina – for pets as we know. So when Bullseye mounts the Lady and penetrates her vagina, DV knots almost automatically. This vagina really knows how to handle a dog cock, superb. To be fair, the Lady’s positions are exceptionally good – coupled with her desire and all that doggy desire coming from Bullseye’s end – it’s not surprising that the knot just happens.
The first knot is only a partial knot – the lovers are only just warming up after all.

ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women
DV is happiest when increasing the volume of dog sperm in her body…

In the most professional way possible – DV does give me quite a boner. She is very uninhibited, and has a raunchy style that real Pet Girl fans are going to enjoy a lot. In DV there is a touch of Nadia, a splash of Bodil, event a hint of Marilyn in places. Not that the Lady does not have a style of her own, because she certainly does. Fans of Big Lebowski will be familiar with the term ‘strongly vaginal’. I love Ladies who lead with the vagina, it’s attractive. I’d say DV is strongly vaginal – that first screenshot above for example, where she is shoving her crotch into the dogs face – or arching her back so Bullseye can take her – it’s a Lady who knows what to do with a Pet Pussy for sure…

ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women
This pretty Pet Pussy is tailor made for taking dog knots…

The second mount, Bullseye means business. Not quite tying DV the first time, this time he buries his entire tool deep into DevoteHuendins soft hot box. You can almost see it, in that screenshot above – sitting swollen and locked inside her, pumping and squirting the dog jizz deep into her body…

ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women
Hard-humped by dogs – the real purpose of a nice vagina…

DV’s enthusiasm is intoxicating – her “Ooos” and “Oh yahs” while the young virile dog fucks her pussy, she’s really getting into it. I have just taken one of the Ladys “Ooh yahs” and made it my phone message alert tone. Now, every time I receive a message I will be reminded of DV vaginally impaled on a nice dog prick (you can find that tone here if you want to do the same).

ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women
Bullseye knotted up in DVs hotness, pouring his pure dog cum into her sex…

There’s several nice passionate suck scenes through the movie. DV does a great, messy, spermy job of worshipping the dog dick – and as far as I can tell, she swallows. Well, a real Pet Girl gotta get that doggy juice inside her however she can. Look out for the couple moments in the movie where Bullseye is humping DVs face and she is trying her utmost to get that rocket pumping into her mouth. Not quite, not this time. Next time? We shall see.
A lovely, wild free-spirited serious Pet Girl that I know many of us are going to fall in love with. I expect we will be seeing a lot more of this Lady – and if you were wondering what that great big clawmark is down the Lady’s back in one scene – that was from the very hardcore shoot we did BEFORE this shoot. Something to ponder on there – in the mean time, grab a copy of DVs first movie and give her a big welcome to the site and the art – DevoteHuendin is plain dogfucktastic 🙂

ArtOfZoo - Absolute Pet - DevoteHuendin - animal sex with women
Those real Pet Girls can’t resist sucking on a nice ruby dog cock

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