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People have sex with animals because they are sick perverts who are wrong in the head, right? No not really, that’s your local evangelist talking. And what he or she says, and what he or she does behind closed doors, are two entirely different things.
The reasons people have sex with animals is a big topic, but that is what is so attractive about the whole thing. Consenting animal sex can be broken down into two categories – people who want to experience and understand it for themselves, and people who perform the act of animal sex as a form of expression.


People might have sex with animals because they have sexual urges, and do not have a suitable partner with which to express those urges. In that event, the dog, or even the bedknob, the apple pie – really anything becomes a suitable substitute for a suitable partner. In my experience, such folks are a minority in the pet arena. Even so, for people outside looking in, I suspect they imagine this is the reason that everyone does it. Still, they would be mistaken.


For the most part, people engage in sex with animals because the situation arises, and curiosity is piqued. For some – the voice of social conformity begins to scream in the mind, and such folks deny such curiosity and go about their daily lives.
Others, however, are not so easily swayed by the apparent wishes of the masses. When life presents an interesting situation, it is most human to want to explore said situation. This leads to people trying, and ultimately enjoying or not enjoying sexual experiences with animals.


Some folks have a genuine affinity for animals, such as dogs. Some of us were raised around dogs, and arguably spent more time interacting with the dog then with our respective families. We develop a special bond with our animals – they are our best friends, our companions and soul mates. So then, given that sexual interaction between friends is commonplace throughout the animal kingdom, it should not be a major surprise to find people becoming intimate with pets. People who do not share this affinity are not likely to fully understand this notion – hopefully they can at least understand it intellectually.
And of course – having tried animal sex, people often find the experience quite enjoyable. It is a harmless and safe activity. When things are safe and pleasant, I suggest the sensible person explores that path as much as they would like. It’s the fool who avoids life’s pleasures simply because the neighbours might disapprove.


Other folks might engage in animal sex because a partner is aroused by it, and they would like to make their partner happy. This doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy it too, of course. If they really did not enjoy it, they would be unlikely to engage in it, however much someone wanted them to. Still, in this event, the act of sex with an animal is an expression of love for their partner.


Others might have sex with animals because they are aware of the effect it can have on others. They enjoy the power they have over others, and so animal sex becomes a seductive dance. As such, the act becomes an expression of a persons sexual prowess, their virility or their free spirit.


Not forgetting – animal sex is largely frowned on by the unthinking masses. Therefore, animal sex can be a pure expression of rebellion and non-conformity. Doing it with Rover becomes a rock n’ roll finger to the establishment, along with the satisfaction of enjoying something regardless of what the neighbours might think.
And, because animal sex really does kick ass. For all the above reasons.
There are of course other reasons, but those are the main ones. I hope this will give the uninitiated a better understanding of why people have sex with animals.

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