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As our network grows, the divide in petlove styles once again becomes apparent. People engaging in animal sex tend to fall into two main camps.


The majority of petlovers are affectionate, curious people who are open to interesting physical experiences with their beloved pets.

In this scenario, the woman turns to her dog, horse, boar etc, as her lover. This is an interesting dynamic, from the point of view of the observing human male (whether he be her husband, boyfriend, lover – or simply a lucky viewer).

Monica enjoys the effect her art has on us petfans..

Power of Jealousy

Jealousy is a powerful set of emotions swirling around together. For some, it is an unpleasant / exciting, destructive frame of mind. Learning to channel it can open up all kinds of interesting ideas about love and sex.
If you are dealing with jealousy, next time you are at the epicenter – when your guts are twisting and your mind is spinning, you know the one – if you can, just take a moment to consider if your junk is throbbing. And if it is, take a moment to consider all the crazy shit you invent (she’s 10 minutes late there must be another guy etc), in order to experience that intense feeling. Love multiplied by anger, it does not get any more intense than that.
Whether you are tripping on the idea of a Lady with another guy, or riding the sexual competition rollercoaster to Bonersville, either way you can’t deny that us chaps generally have strong feelings about ‘the other guy’.
Ladies know this about us chaps. It is the womans power. She can flirt with another guy, she can play hard to get. She isn’t doing this to be mean. She’s doing it because, should we play the game, she knows by doing so, she can make you want to do her into next week. Which frankly, in my experience, is a much more pleasant ride than getting the ass about it.
I’ll suggest that the natural aim of jealousy is not to get pissed off and not laid. It’s to get you laid harder than you ever got laid before – hard enough that that other guys jizz does not stand a chance. That shit fries in your raging rampant glory. Ladies sometimes like that kind of thing.

Carmen knows how to dance…

If you can get past the jealousy, lets entertain the idea of your Lady with another guy. Of course there are problems with another guy; gossip, self-esteem, disease, pregnancy, all kinds of unattractive complications. Not always, but often.
A dog though? A Lady with a dog should not present you with any self esteem issues (hopefully not). He wont tell his mates, he won’t get the Lady pregnant or give her something nasty. Take away many of the negative parts of jealousy, you’re left with just the throbbing crotch part. So whether you indulge in jealousy, or if you don’t, either way the Lady and the dog has a power all of it’s own.
Many folks imagine that wanting to see a woman with a dog, is driven by desire for humiliation or degradation. In most cases this could not be further from the truth. When the Pet Girl dances with wolves, she knows the effect it can have on us. It’s a seductive dance, designed to drive us crazy. And it often succeeds. The spell of dog sex gives the Lady a lot of power, hence Top Dog.

Pippa and Domino know how to do it…

K9sM – The Underdog
Or, you might want to further explore the jealous side – experience what it might be like to have complete control of the situation, in a safe and playful environment. Throw in some exploring of authority and power roles, parenthood, hierarchy, domination, submission, ownership, pushing boundaries – what it might be like to have complete power, what it might be like to have no power – K9sM can be an erotic and liberating experience.
K9sM stands for Canine slave and Master – or Mistress. K9sM could be considered something like the BDSM aspect of animalsex. (No animals are ever harmed in K9sM, any discipline or physical punishment is directed at the human slave only). The Master or Mistress, is the Teacher; the slave, is the student.

Dog slave Kate adopts the role of pet

The Master or Mistress gets to enjoy the experience of having complete control over another human being. The dog slave gets to experience zero responsibility or accountability for her or his behavior. Having someone to push boundaries on their behalf. While in the role of dog slave, she or he can be someone else, someone without concerns, and without limitations.
A Master or Mistress will accept a K9 slave, for training and processing. Each Master or Mistress will have different tastes in slaves – some may prefer the challenge of a feisty slave. Others, may prefer things old school, with a fully submissive dog-ready K9 slave.
Likewise, each K9 Master or Mistress will have a different approach. Some are extremely harsh, with strict adherence to training and discipline principles. Other Masters or Mistresses may adopt a gentler – some might say maternal or paternal – approach to training their K9 slaves.
There is no right or wrong way; provided everyone is having fun, the K9sM relationship can be rewarding for everyone. Including the dog.

K9 Mistress and slave make for some very happy doggies…

In this situation, the Master or Mistress is dominant, and the slave is down there, with the dogs. Hence underdog.
The Kennel (the K9sM) section of our old website was a very popular section. I hope to re-add that section to this website, for people interested in dog training.
We have a number of excellent K9 Masters and Mistresses on our network, producing some world class K9 slaves with exceptional pet skills. We hope to see many more Teachers and students appearing on our network, and to enjoy the wonderful work that is possible when a K9 slave is instructed by a talented Master or Mistress.
Whichever your flavour, enjoy your pet play. And always, always give it everything you’ve got.

The Veterinarian and the art of K9sM

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