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Kitty Kreme - Seamless

I grew up around animals. My parents showed and bred Old English Sheepdogs. I used to love watching them breed, though I was too young to become turned on by it, something about it fascinated me. How vibrantly red the male’s organ was; how he arched his back as he entered the bitch, how fast and hard he pounded against the bitch’s rump; k9 sex enthralled me.
Unfortunately, due to health issues with my parents, they could no longer handle large-breed dogs and eventually sold off the studs and placed the rest with pet owners. So by the time I was in my teen years, I had all but forgotten my fascination with canine sex.
It was around this time I was pilfering through my father’s closet looking for Christmas presents that I happened upon a pornographic novel he had stashed away. I can’t even recall the title now, but it was some seedy memoir of a prostitute from some time in the 70’s. As I leafed through it, I came across a chapter with a bestiality story about this woman’s experience with a male dog. Apparently she was out one day sunbathing nude at a friend’s house that she was house-sitting. Well along came a Black Lab who began to sniff at her. First around her ankles, then her thighs, and eventually forced his snout in between her thighs, into her mound. At first she was startled, but then was very taken by the moment, and the dog’s tongue lapping against her clit.

So, to avoid the risk of anyone interrupting the moment, she led the dog into her bedroom, where she continued to let his tongue pleasure her until she climaxed. There’s nothing quite like dog eating pussy. When the spasms of her orgasm subsided, she knelt beside the dog and began to return the favour, rubbing his cock through his sheath. As the dog became erect, she remarked at the amount of pre-cum spurting out his big dog cock and gathered some in her palm. This all turned her on so much that she straddled the dog, placing her cunt on the dog’s back right where the base of his tail meets his rump. As she continued to masturbate the dog, she rubbed her pussy against his hairy rump until they both came. And that was the end of that chapter. Whether it was true or not (the author claimed it was) that was all it took to get me hooked on animal sex porn.
I began fantasizing about how it must feel to hold a dog’s cock in my hand. To have him enjoy my soft touch and to watch him grow erect from it. To feel his pre-cum on my skin. To give him control of me, to fuck me as he would a bitch in heat. I kept replaying different situations in my head, masturbating 2 or 3 times a day to relieve my frustration.
A few years later, I visited my Aunt and Uncle in Ohio, which I did every year for about a week or so during the summer. They had acquired a male German Shepherd named Max from a friend of theirs who could not keep it. Now, the amazing thing about Max is that he was probably the most sexually charged dog I’ve ever seen. His cock was almost always out of his sheath and he humped everyone and everything. This dog was a sexual dynamo. I kept finding my eyes fixated on his big dog cock, which was about six inches long and a little wider than a broomstick.
Short jean shorts were the style around that time, and invariably whenever I would sit down on a chair or sofa in Max’s presence, he would jump up putting his forepaws around my waist as his cock smeared watery pre-cum over my bare legs. I would let him enjoy himself as long as I could, before I’d have to feign shock and embarrassment for his owner’s benefit. But I couldn’t get the sensation of him against my skin out of my head.
So late one night, I stayed up waiting for my Aunt and Uncle to fall asleep. When I was sure they were asleep, I crept downstairs to the living room where Max’s bed was. As soon as he saw me, he did his usual routine, jumping up and trying to grab onto my hips as his cock flung around, finding nothing but air. I was determined not to be caught in any act, so I began to coax Max up the stairs to my bedroom. My Uncle chastised Max often for wandering up stairs, so it took a bit of encouragement to get him to follow. I had been masturbating while waiting for everyone to fall asleep, and my pussy was still a bit moist from my climax, and the anticipation of what was to come had my cunt beginning to lubricate itself once again. So, at the base of the stairs, I widened my stance as much as a I could and guided Max’s snout under my nightie and into my cunt, letting him breath in my scent and hoping he would know how ready I was for him. After a few seconds of furious sniffing, I began up the stairs, and damned if Max didn’t almost trip over himself to follow me.
Once inside the privacy of my bedroom, I quietly shut the door and locked it behind me. Max was springing up and down besides me, obviously excited about the attention he was receiving. I lifted my nightie up over my head and got down on all fours. I arched my back as much as possible, lifting my ass high into the air and pulling my knees into my chest. Instantly Max scampered to mount me, but rather than coming up on me doggy-style, he mounted me sideways, his nails scratching across my back and his big dog cock thrusting against the side of my abdomen.
I rotated myself around until his forepaws wrapped around my waist and his cock was rubbing against my ass. I pushed myself against his cock, which pumped clumsily over my ass. Max was panting furiously and his saliva was dripping off his tongue and onto my back, as his pre-cum smeared over my ass. I closed my eyes and focused on all the sensations, his fur against my skin, his rubbery cock vainly trying to find an entrance. I wondered if he wanted to get me pregnant with his pups and I daydreamed about what that would be like.
Suddenly Max shifted his position slightly and I felt his cock slam against my anus. Too scared and nervous to allow penetration of any sort, I balanced myself on one shoulder and reached under me to grab his cock and guide it away. I relaxed the arch of my back and guided his cock so that his shaft parted my labia lengthwise while the tip dragged over my clitoris. I held him there, my hand wrapped around the base of his cock, letting him fuck my hand as his cock rubbed against my cunt and clitoris. I was sopping wet and was dripping down on his cock, lubricating it and letting rub over the lips of my pussy at a furious rate, his own pre-cum mixing in with my fluids.

Max continued to fuck my clit for another few minutes, during which I reached orgasm 4 times. Eventually I felt him shifting his weight off of me and I let go of his penis. Max sat down beside me and started cleaning his cock. I’m really not sure if he came or if he just eventually lost interest. My backside was a sloppy mess of pre-cum and my own juices, so he may have came without me realizing it.

Thoroughly satisfied with my bestiality experience, I led Max out my bedroom and watched as he made his way back down the stairs. I laid down on my stomach on the bed and drifted to sleep as Max’s offering, still smeared over my ass and lower back, slowly dried in the summer night’s breeze.

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