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Lise - I Love You In My Ass

Hi Boys and Gals 🙂
we’ve been super busy with Eden and connected new plans, so apologies for the radio silence of late. We are likely to be a bit scarce and busy until mid May, after which time things will settle down, and we can get back to business as usual.
We have this months second movie, I will get that up shortly.


We’ve tweaked a lot of things to try to speed up the site. Unfortunately it boils down to too much traffic. Too many petfans is a nice problem to have, but it is a problem, and why we need to redo the site.
We are about to send a newsletter which is when things get busy. If the site is slow now, it’s gonna get real slow with a newsletter going out. Not much point in newslettering everyone if they can’t get in. It’s quite sad for us to start shutting things down around here, after all the work we put into it. But no point in continuing along the wrong path.
So, in the next week or so, as we move towards closing the community temporarily, I will start to disable features on the site. I am hoping, by removing some of the heavier modules, what remains should not be so sluggish. Most of the speed issues seem to revolve around media, so I will probably need to disable Groups among the first of the things to go. I am not yet sure exactly what I will need to disable, but you should at least be expecting it anyway by now. I will continue to disable features, until the community side is gone, and ready to move.
Again apologies to all folks just getting settled in. However much fun you might be having – realistically you’d have more fun if the site worked properly. So let’s bite the bullet, return AoZ to a movie store, and I will get to work on the new community site as soon as possible.

To all folks chasing about unpublished blog posts. In a moment, we will need to remove profiles from here. That means, any new blog posts will not be pointing to your profile. I believe it would be better to save those posts until the new community is up, and publish them then, where you are able to get appropriate feedback. Hopefully that makes sense. It will be nice to launch the new site with some new articles anyway. So by all means, keep posting – just remember that I will save those until the move to ZS.

As mentioned, I will keep a backup of all files, data etc from this site and aim to move as much as possible to the new site. Since the features will be different, it’s not yet clear exactly what I will be able to use, and what I won’t. So, if there is anything you simply must keep, please grab a copy of it as soon as possible just in case.
Thanks for your understanding Gang. Expect the first things to be turned off in the next few days.

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