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Lise Loves Horses - First Time With Maverick

Let me begin by telling you that I am BI.   I had been doing my neighbor for a few years and during that time he had discovered that I had a strange fetish.  I liked to have my nipples stroked until they got hard and if you kept them hard, I would do anything you wanted…ANYTHING.   He thought this was very funny and decided to test it.   He called a friend and told him this story and wanted the friend to witness this phenomena. After his friend arrived, he 

began to work on my nipples until I became aroused.   He then demonstrated how I would react to his commands while working my nipples.  After his friend dropped his trousers to reveal no underwear,  I was given the command to suck his cock, which I did to his satisfaction.
The friend, Bill was about to leave, but said he would be right back.  fifteen minutes later, he arrived with his Great Dane Dog.   Lucky for me, the dog was not interested in their attempts to have him mount me.

John kept working my nipples, while Bill raised the dog by his front paws and walked him into my waiting mouth.  I had a fountain of dog cum gushing into my mouth and running down over my nipples.  I was in heaven.   Bill said he had a Cousin who lived about 120 miles South of my place who had a horse farm he wanted me to visit with him.   That’s another story.

John and Bill both worked for the same company and were transferred shortly afterwards and have not heard from them since.   It’s a shame, because I would like to have relived that experience again.  Maybe someone on this site will want to work my nipples to fulfill their fantasy.

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