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Have you ever noticed that politically correct people are usually quite angry people? Question is, are they politically correct because they are angry? Or, are they angry because they are politically correct?


Humans typically have a nice side, and a nasty side. It’s embedded within all our natures. If you didn’t have a nasty side, you wouldn’t survive too long in this world. Some situations you simply can’t nice your way out of. There are times to be nice, and times where nasty is needed. This notion has been explored in numerous books and movies – from Jekyll and Hyde to the Incredible Hulk and beyond.

Developing your capacity to be nice, such as helping others, charitable works etc – in doing so, you are not exactly developing your niceness. You are extending the way you interact with others. Thing is, nice and nasty are 2 sides of the same coin. You can’t expand the coin without expanding both sides. This is why you find priests breaking down and raping kids. This is why the most beloved celebrities often have heinous skeletons in their closets. You might catch yourself incessantly nagging or being unpleasant to the people around you, even though you love them dearly. You know the drill.
The mistake that folks make, in developing their nice side, is that the nasty side develops right along with it. A bigger good guy, is a bigger guy, with a bigger capacity for being nasty. Logical. People try desperately to repress or bury their mean side. And when you repress things, they have a tendency to build up and leak out when you would least like them to.
Going back to the politically correct. Is it pleasant to be mean to others? Of course not. But being mean to others is in our nature. Taking the piss out of people, for many, is how people learn to be stronger, more mindful of their actions and therefore less stupid. Hence hazing rituals, rights of passage and so on.
To completely deny the urge to express your unpleasant side results in the unpleasantness building up and finally exploding.
So then, politically correct people bottle up their inner unpleasantness – it becomes overwhelming. They become unstable, and start making poor decisions. Before you know it, they are screaming and shouting at others, and behaving in precisely the same hateful way that they accuse others of. Because whether you hate someone for the colour of their skin, or if you hate someone for the way they behave – the hate is still the same hate, neither is really any better than the other. It’s quite easy to spot people who are boiling over inside, I’m sure you know someone. That shit will kill you.
And you have people running around, imagining they are good and kind people, yet behaving in the most disgusting manner. Because their aims and goals were righteous, but something went a bit wrong along the way.
Let’s keep in mind, that if being that angry and frustrated is the hallmark of the PC, it’s not a very good advertisement for it. Throwing tantrums over a ‘wrong’ gender inflection in a sentence… I think I would prefer to be a slightly happier, less frustrated asshole.
Being white and chucking the N word around, sexist, insensitive behavior etc. This is behavior typically associated with the uneducated or ignorant. To hear or see others behaving this way, and the contempt such behavior generates in civilized society, should really be punishment enough for this kind of behavior. Encourage polite behavior in schools. Perhaps getting a kicking from those insulted or offended. I don’t really see why it is necessary to get the government or the police involved in an individuals ignorance. But such is the world we live in.


It’s not constructive or useful to be unpleasant to people in our day-to-day lives. Being mindful of your nasty side, what can you do to channel it?
Some people become masochistic and take their inner unkindness out on themselves. Others hate on themselves and get depressed. Others go out and beat up, rob or mug people. Others get into politics and lie about everything at every opportunity. And it’s why crowds for public executions are generally 100 times larger than any charity rally or event you can think of. There are a million similar scenarios. Still, I wouldn’t recommend any of those as healthy outlets for your perfectly natural unpleasant side. Nor would I recommend bottling it up and hoping for the best.
If you are lucky enough to study a martial art, all of this is usually built into each martial arts system. You have the opportunity to be kind to your juniors. You also have the opportunity to turn up to the class in a bad mood, pinpoint a misbehaving junior, and – in the most polite manner possible – kick the crap out of them. The junior gets to toughen up, and probably learn to behave better. You get to vent your inner unpleasantness in a structured way. Everyone wins.
Martial arts are not to everyone’s taste, though. So what other ways are there to express your inner fucker whilst maintaining a socially acceptable persona?


Enter Dominant/submissive play, BDSM and K9sM. This is just people spanking and pushing people around, right? Again, not exactly. For some yes. For many, no.
Imagine a game, where you say to someone “OK. I want to do things to you that you might not entirely enjoy. I want to be mean to you, I want to fiddle with your bits howsoever I choose. I want to understand what that would be like. In return, it’s only fair that you have the opportunity to be mean right back at me. Then, I can understand what it’s like to be on the receiving end too. So, today you will be my slave and you will do exactly what I ask. Tomorrow, we will switch round, and I undertake to be your slave, and you can have free rein over me”.
You would probably set some ground rules, such as nothing that will mark or scar, nothing that will put your health at risk, nothing that will impact upon your daily lives.
So you start playing the game. You might really want to spank this person, so you do. They have to take it, them’s the rules. This has the added benefit of toughening up those delicate little snowflakes. You don’t suppose delicate little snowflakes actually enjoy being delicate little snowflakes, do you?
They have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be spanked, and what it is like to be a slave. The excitement, the rush, the undeniable reality of the situation. The colours and textures of pain, in what may be an otherwise very bland existence. Let’s not forget, we only really learn through adversity.
We learn humility. We learn about discipline and respect – all things sorely lacking in our modern world.
You get to experience being The Boss. You have free rein of someone elses mind and body, for the duration of the game. You might want to dildo their ass while they deepthroat your cock. Or piss in their face while they tongue your clitoris – something you would otherwise never have the balls to ask someone to do. In that space, you can do what you like – within the prearranged limits. Its a bit like the Doctors and Nurses game we all used to play when were were kids.
Likewise, someone might really want to be bred with a dog. They might have deep fantasies about sucking the dogs cock. But, they would NEVER have the balls to do it, or ask to have it done to them. They could never look themselves in the mirror if doing it was their own conscious choice. Make that choice someone elses, and bingo. They get to do the dog with zero of the responsibility or guilt of deciding to do it themselves. So there is a substantial amount of freedom for both sides.
And, for the Master, Mistress, Dom or Domme – they get to express their inner mean in a healthy, constructive and safe environment.


Many people start out as submissives or slaves – learn what is to be learned in that space – then move on to become Dominants later on. Not everyone, some folks really enjoy one side, or the other. For example, you find many high powered executives, who have complete authority and control in their daily lives –  becoming attracted to a submissive role behind closed doors. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that having zero power for a time is probably a welcome and refreshing break. It’s a personal holiday away from the responsibility of their public lives.
Similarly, you might find people who have zero authority in their lives, being attracted to the authority roles in D/s. This gives people the opportunity to experience power, what that really tastes like.
I would say, that it is not entirely healthy to opt straight for an authority role without some kind of powerless role somewhere or at some point in your life. Balance is the aim here. The aim of these games are not to give people a space in which to bully others with no recourse to receiving the same kind of treatment. That way, you don’t learn consequences. You don’t learn to treat others the way you would like to be treated. You simply cultivate a bully mentality, and that does not make the world a better place. So, please be mindful of that. These games should be a path to development, not a path to regression.
I suggest, that if everyone in the world engaged in these games in the right way – all that inner meanness that we have to deal with on a daily basis, would probably be massively reduced. Who needs to road rage, when you worked all that out spanking someone’s ass the night before? Who needs to abuse innocent people, or exploit populations, if your inner asshole is well and truly expressed through other channels? I reckon a bit of spanking here and there could make the world a much better place.
You get spanking, people. 🙂

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