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Lucy - First Time


Staying down Mexico way, many of you will have heard of the legendary Tijuana Donkey Cabaret. I don’t know if such lavish entertainments still exist in sunny Mexico – I expect they do if you know where to go. Fun for all the family.
Alas, many of the animal sex cabarets and shows around the world have been closed down over the past 10 years or so. Those poor donkeys and dogs going without their pussy and applause, there really should be a law against it.


You may or may not be familiar with the Tijuana Bibles. These were great – simple, erotic comicbooks. They were printed in USA, not Mexico, despite their nickname….

However, our Brazillian pet friends did create something similar. I don’t know what these are called, but they are good…

Bible study, was never so stimulating 😉 A fantastic bestiality story in graphic form. Leave it to our Latin friends to come up with some great fun stuff like that.


Drifting further south, into deepest darkest central America, we find the Pre-Columbian Mochica tribe, from around 200bc. The Moche had a flair for pottery, and none more interesting than these…

In the Moche culture these pots were supposed to depict ‘unnatural acts’ which were supposed to ward off death. Apparently death doesn’t like bestiality (great).
But you know, in a lot of ancient cultures around the world, people were creating animal sex art, pottery, sculpture etc, to ‘ward off this and that’.  I can’t help thinking these folks were going to a lot of trouble to find reasons to depict women having sex with animals. I imagine the artists in question were carving their own dog porn out of stone – probably got caught, and made up some crap about ‘oh that? It’s just to ward off evil or something’. Next thing you know, orders for dog sex pottery come flooding in because everyone wants to ‘ahem, ward off evil’.
People fucking in various positions, people having sex with dogs, having a ball. Well, whatever the reason – any culture where tea is served in a dog sex teapot has got to be having a good time.

Replica Moche pots often make an appearance on Ebay – so if you are into online shopping… 🙂 I missed a beautiful pair a few years ago, have been kicking myself ever since. I wanted a nice conversation piece for when the Mormons or Jehova’s Witnesses came round.


What Latin Pet Party would be complete, without our very own tasty treat, Cupcake? A divine doggy delight – smart, beautiful – a little sassy – but ever so pet friendly. Everyone loves a slice of Cupcake…


Picasso said “Art is not chaste. If it is, it’s not art”. Our thoughts exactly.
Pablo did not only agree with us in principle, our friend had more than a passing interest in animal sex. There are dozens of Picasso doodles and sketches depicting bestiality themes. I was having trouble tracking down some of the nicer ones, but you get the drift…

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