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LUNA - The Maid

Last night I was doing some poppers and watching some videos. I started to write my desires and thoughts down in my usual stream of consciousness style. I was so focused on what sort of relationship I wanted to have with a dog, and what really turns me on about them.
I hope you enjoy it. It is my first writing I have posted here in a while. I might be writing more tonight. Unless a stray dog wanders into the yard looking for a bitch in heat, then duty calls!

My K9sM Dream

I get so envious of some of the dog sex movie Stars when I watch them with their many lovers. I want a life like that! I want to satisfy dogs sexual needs. To relieve their pent up lusts that they rarely have a chance to satisfy. To be their angel of mercy. To be the one that can give them a way of sexual release. They so rarely get a chance to get laid, so why not let me do it for him?
I so want to be a dog slut or a dog whore. It would be so hot to get called over for a breeding session. Just me and the dogs. Show up, get paid a nominal fee, which makes me obligated to perform. And gives me the feeling of being bought and paid for. That would be hot! Then told to get in there and be a good bitch. I enter the room and go straight for him, with the purpose of being his bitch for the night. And then proceed to flirt and seduce and be seduced by him. And make him feel so good that he gets excited every time he sees me, and knows exactly what I am going to do for him. And that I am there solely for his pleasure.

Maybe even go on dates with him. With his owner walking him of course, for I cannot control him! He has total control over me and would be inclined to mount me in public at any time. Maybe we go for walks, until we find a secluded spot, where we go off the beaten path and have a romantic encounter just out of sight. With me walking back onto the path smoothing out my skirt and looking disheveled and very satisfied!
I would love to be submissive and subservient to a dog. Especially a very strong and domineering dog. I want to feel his dominance over me as he repeatedly shows me who is Alpha and who is the bitch. A big dog who pushes and nudges me around until I am right where he wants me and in the proper position. One who will sit on the couch as I sit in front of him on the floor.
A relationship where I am there for the dog, not his master. My Master is the dog. Though if his Master wants me I have to oblige as well, but he sees me as a bitch for his dog. I wear a collar with my bitch name on it. And I am to react and respond to it. I am treated well, but as a bitch. My duty is to focus on my lover and Master. I am there for him. I find joy in pleasing him.

Our dates at his place will be romantic. With romantic music playing to enhance the mood. And maybe something to get me into the mood. Either substances that get me into heat for him, or a bottle or two of nice red wine to soften the bitch up for breeding.
I will go home when he has finished with me. With a smile on our faces and a pair of really sticky panties as I start to leak his semen into them. I will be joyfully fulfilled by being filled with my lover’s seed, deep inside me where it belongs. And with the taste of him in my mouth as well. My lips will be sticky with his semen, and I will smell of him and be covered in dog hair. And I will relish it all!
I want to go about my day thinking of him and of our encounters. I want to smile as I think of all his sperm that are swimming inside me at that moment, or that are slowly trickling out into my panties as I am out and about.
I want to be happy when people smell his scent on me. And when I see the reactions of other dogs when they get a whiff of him and his potent seed on me. I want to walk through the park, and past dog parks and every where there are dogs. Just to see their reactions. And to know that they are now sexually interested in this bitch who they know puts out for dogs because they can smell a dog’s cum in me.
I get so turned on when I see videos of a girl being pushed around by a very dominant dog who is being very obvious with his desires to fuck her. I love that! Makes my panties wet! I so want to be controlled by a dog, and to be completely submissive to him.
That is how I want to be – not the usual, but I am not about being that!

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