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LUNA - Still Teasing

I slowed my walking pace right down… and kept turning around while walking so as to see if I was being followed, let’s face it… the last thing any man wants is to be ridiculed and scoffed at by his peers and co-workers, especially this…. Christ Almighty…. not this… FARK. I was… so…. bloody… anxious. Yet strangely very curious. Besides there was quite allot of bracken and tree waste (leaves and small twigs) on the sand from some early morning wind gusts, if I wasn’t careful with where I was placing my feet I would be cracking some small twigs and she would hear me coming. Even though it was a warm balmy 27 degrees(C) I couldn’t believe how much I was sweating…. my nerves were in shreds, my stomach was now completely void like it didn’t even exist…. all because of what I now believed to be inevitable – that my new wife was engaging in sex with my prize Labrador.
NOTE: You may have picked up that I have called the Lab ‘Exavier’ – and – ‘Xavier’. Sorry to confuse those who picked up on this, however I started calling him ‘Exavier’ after I caught my ‘EX’ wife fucking him. His name was Xavier. (yes sadly he has passed on)
The coast was all clear, I could still hear Xavier’s rasping breaths and he was whining every now and again…. not like he was injured whining, more like when a Dog wants something… almost like a hunger. I could see that where the foot / paw prints went was to the right of a 40 foot across large bush-like cluster of these trees that grew on the dunes. On the left was another more used pathway in the trampled long grasses that also reside close to the beach, so I kept my distance from the bushed area and out of where I would cast any shadow… and crept low n slow.
I still wasn’t able to see anything yet, however now I could hear slurping sounds along with a female moaning which in reality sounded more like a whimper of delight. OK I confess that now I was not only curious… but I could feel my cock pressing hard against my loose shorts. The anxiousness had dissipated, the hole in my guts was also gone and I could sense (from past experience with an uncontrolled hard-on [i.e.; nothing of visual, oral or touch stimulation]) that PRE CUM was going to be oozing into my shorts very soon.

More noises…. ‘mmmmm’ and’ ohh, and ‘yesss’ and I could definitely hear him licking and laping at something edible or at the very least… ‘lick-able’.
Now literally only feet away from a large opening… my cock was twingling with pensive excitement at what I could HEAR… OMG I knew this was not good…. yet sooooo hot too (so unlike me back then lol). Just before I got to the opening I took one last gaze back along the track to make sure that I was here alone… with THEM ! Very gently I edged my way into a spot where I could peer over an old car body that was placed there more that 30 years ago. The car separated an opening which was like a hole in between the root system of this huge clump of bush-like trees. Where this spot was located, was right where the tide would come in at sunset… hence the sand and soil erosion between the root system. I snuck ever-so quietly around the ‘blind’ side of the old silvery and rust coloured Honda Civic (lol I think it was close to one of the first Civics ever made). Because of the constant tide changes, the car body was clean and void of vegetation, animals, insects or snakes (whew)… yet it was full to the windows with sand. This would make an excellent viewing platform without detection.

I peered over the top of the cars closed and windowless door… and THERE….. FUCK. O…M…G……. My ex was on all 4s, her back arched so profoundly that her sphincter could have winked at the clouds. I could now see Xavier… he was laping and slobbering his huge almost 3″ wide tongue down her ass crack and then twisting his head side-ways would slide his tongue deeply along the length of her dripping wet snatch. There had obviously been something more sexual going on before I had arrived because Xavier’s cock was swinging down between his legs. She was quietly beckoning him to move his rear end around to be closer to her hand…. which he did not do… he was resolved to eating that delicious wet blonde cunt.
In the mean time I had many emotions running around in my head… I was angry as well as horny as hell. Do I stop this madness… Or, do I shut the fuck up and just watch. What to do, what to do!
There was no denying that my cock wanted to be stroked badly…. so I opted to be quiet, pull a few wads of thick creamy cum from my cock and just wait and watch to see where this goes.
Then…. the unthinkable….. HOLEE SHEEIIT….. a beach walker and his dog out for a morning stroll. She is going to get caught. FUCK. Wait…. I am going to get caught. Jesus H.
An explosive outcome happens in the next endorsement of this series cumming soon in PART 4. Don’t miss it !

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