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LUNA - The Tribute

Yeah, baby! Oral. Tongue action right to the pussy, right to the tool. Saliva, sex juices and lot of fun! We can only expect a joyful experience when someone, two or four legged, gives you head. Nothing can end wrong: an orgasm coming from the tongue of your beloved one is always welcome and appreciated.


If you are a man you know the pleasure of viewing your woman from above, right to her eyes, while she does the mouth milking thing.
The feeling is kind of different from the pussy ramming one: your woman does the hard work, maybe a little more messy and sloppy. But you don’t care at all.
An experienced girl opens a whole world of possibilities, but in any case you only have to enjoy the viewing waiting for your dick to explode. And boy, is it fantastic!

Prize for both, human tongue on human dick.

It is so great to see her beautiful face trying to make you cum, no matter if your love shot ends on her face, mouth, breasts or if it tries to reach the roof. That small and innocent amount of submission makes a man happy. It’s one of a Lady’s strongest and most overwhelming negotiation tools. And they use it. Once I pay for a trip to Cuba because she blackmailed me with a loooooong and slow blowjob, but that’s another story.


I cannot speak for the ladies, but I can guess they enjoy it a lot too. 😉
Yes, the moaning and the fluids speak for themselves. I like to think the women don’t have to fake (often) the pleasure signals if they don’t have to… at least to a dog. To a human, maybe. I don’t know. Again, I can’t speak for them (and I have no vagina).
But when it comes to the dog-girl business, the matter changes totally.


Yes. We know for stories and books the dog-girl sex often begins when a naughty dog slides his nose between the girl’s thighs. If she’s in the right story she will slide along her panties and the party will begin.
I have to say the human tongue is no match for the dog’s. They use it a lot. Its like the elephant’s trunk or the man’s hand. And like those, it is skilful on a whole other level. They can taste, drink, eat, refresh themselves, show respect, love or caring for another being with their tongue. And it moves like a separate loving thing.
That’s why, when a girl feels that versatile instrument snooping in her pussy, she often will offer up something more and that lucky boy may get some pussy of his own to penetrate. That’s the way many stories had begun. Interspecies love…


A healthy man gets a hard on just for thinking about a sexy lady. But a dog won’t. He has to feel the girl’s inner delights before he will show his red hammer. So, the girl wont have a decent erection to play with before giving some pussy to her canine master.

Yes, we’d seen some movies where the dog gets an impressive boner with some manipulation or oral work, without pussy in the middle. But for them it is usually preferred to get some nice pussy first.
But things change when the dog has the opportunity to release his love load inside a ladys pussy. That tiny hidden red pencil blooms into a massive pleasure tool. That will be something to see, once it slips out from the lady’s wet sheath of love.
The girl in question, hooked to her love partner will often want to show some appreciation to her dog lover, and will try to give some oral gratitude. Plus its clear that many ladies are attracted to sucking the dog cock and drinking his wet dog cum.
If she is inexperienced, maybe the sheer feeling of the dog sex makes her a little light headed, losing the opportunity window to suck on his swollen dog cock. His cock once again becomes the pencil and disappears back into the sheath.
But if she is skilled, she will know the right moment for releasing the macho love instrument from her loins, getting for her the maximum size of his hard k9 cock.
Then the viewing is simply sublime. It’s like seeing a hummingbird perched in air or to witness the penguins march. Many of us won’t see it a single time in our life. Thanks to the universe for providing us with videos of that. The bulky red hammer against the delicate red lips is a show in itself: red flesh versus red flesh, playing together. Love juices spraying all over. Oh boy!
And the only job for that lucky dog bastard is to keep squirting his canine seed until the girl has had enough or he decides to mount her again. That is some dog’s life. Not bad at all, Ah?
Surely the boy quickly learns and gets used to receiving that kind of love demonstration. They are intelligent boys.


I cannot recall all the magic dog blowjobs the Gaia Girls have given to their beloved machos, but this amazing team has given that magic to us in almost every fucking single movie. And I’ve appreciated that so fucking much. Because I know these girls do it for love and art.
One of my favorites is the Domino one, playing with Elvis or StrayX ‘s one with that dane on the New Year’s Eve from some years ago. The blowjobs that Monica give to Sam are not bad at all either. So many amazing moments with amazing women and their dog lovers.
But I can say there is no waste when it comes to the oral love of the Gaia girls. Not for any of the ladies. Each video is a jewel. I hope you all will remember this next time you need to decide whether to support the Gaia Girls, or to demand more while giving nothing back.
I love all the Gaia Girls and their amazing dog sucking moments. Thank you so much to all our beloved pet ladies.

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