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Milly Lise Horse

always get so excited when hubby tells me we are heading to the farm for the weekend.
It’s my favourite place to go because I get to see my “boyfriend” Herman again, along with all the other dogs and horses there.
It’s a two hour drive and about halfway there I tend to get impatient, wishing we were there already. My nipples are hard and my pussy is wet with anticipation.
We always go down for the weekend, and it’s crammed with activities from start to finish. It always leaves me totally drained and exhausted, but I wouldn’t miss a chance to go to the farm for anything.
I almost squeal with delight as we drive under the archway marking the turnoff from the highway. It’s a long driveway to the farmhouse and stables, crossing the creek before wending up a gentle slope to the main building.
There’s always a welcome committee when we pull up, both human and animal. And the boys know to have Herman in the paddock beside the driveway so I can rush over and give him a big hug and kiss.
All the farmhands are waiting to give me a big hug and kiss as well, and I know they always look forward to my visits as much as I do. I’m only wearing a thin cotton singlet top and denim skirt – no bra or panties, so it’s not surprising to feel the odd hand straying to various parts of my body. And I won’t need much in the way of clothes while I’m here, either.
Herman is always happy to see me, giving me a neigh or two as I run my hands down his neck and under his belly. His huge horse cock is already starting to emerge and I simply can’t resist and start stroking it to grow it even bigger. I kneel down right there in the paddock and take Herman’s big horse dick into my mouth.
The guys all sidle over to the fence and watch me, but all I can focus on is Herman’s cock, running my tongue over his knob and then feeding as much as I can into my mouth, running my lips up his shaft.
“Didn’t take you long, did it Maria?” one of the farmhands remarks.
“Love seeing you suck that horse cock, you filthy animal fucking whore,” another says.
“Get those massive bazookas out, slut, let Herman tit fuck you.”

Almost without thinking I’m stripping off my top and bouncing my tits around, kneeling right under him and bringing Herman’s cock down to rub between my mounds.
Herman gets excited and one of the farmhands goes to his head to keep him steady while I work his cock all over my tits.
I feel the moisture dripping from my pussy and the urge to take Herman inside me is overwhelming. I hike up my skirt around my waist, turn and bend over, shuffling even further underneath the big stallion. I reach between my spread legs and bring Herman’s cock up to my cunt and start kneading it into my hole, stretching the edges in turn to accommodate the big horse dick.
A sigh escapes my lips and I start breathing deeply as I knead Herman further and further into my cunt.
The guys crowd in closer to watch me take the horse cock and Herman seems to know it’s time to fuck me, helping me thrust his cock all the way to my pelvic wall. His cock pulses inside me and time seems to stand still. I don’t know how long I’m there, bent at the waist with that huge horse cock inside my body when suddenly I’m almost blasted off my feet as Herman releases all the semen carried in his massive balls and squirts it deep into my womb.
I desperately try to catch it in my hands as it leaks out of my cunt and dribbles down my legs.
“Herman!” I cry out as his pumping cock more than fills me to overflowing. “Your precious seed, I want it all. I wish I could have your babies!”

My legs start shaking as the first orgasm hits me while Herman’s thick, creamy semen runs down them. I run my hands up my legs and gather up as much as I can in each hand, and lick Herman’s cum off my fingers as another pair of orgasms make me close my eyes and enjoy the sensations.
After a while Herman settles and his fantastic cock slides out of my cunt with the flow down to a trickle.
I wrap my arms around Herman’s neck and give him a big hug. My skirt falls back down but it’s stained with horse semen so I just shuck it all the way down and hang it over the fence, leaving me completely naked.
There’s an outside shower at the end of one of the rows of stables so with a delighted laugh I prance over to it with my big tits bouncing to clean up before my next stop.
“What’s next babe?” I call to hubby as I slowly rub my hands over my nether regions under the stream of cool clear water.
“We have a doggy in shed A who is keen to meet you, slut,” he replied. “But we’re not doing the doggie position.”
“Mmm, okay, what’s his name?”
“Right, chuck me a towel and let’s meet Stevie.”

I towelled off and followed hubby to the shed. Stevie turned out to be a black and white short haired Collie cross wandering about and sniffing the many smells in the shed. He trotted over as soon as we entered, going straight to hubby before checking out the nude chick. I had to laugh because Stevie seemed to know, since he stuck his snout right into my pussy.
Hubby took my hand and led me to where he had already laid out a soft mat in the middle of the room. He got me to sit down on the mat and called Stevie over where I could pat him and start to tease out his doggy dick. It didn’t take much – his very pink cock grew quickly as he gave me several enthusiastic licks.
As soon as hubby saw that Stevie was getting aroused he got me to lay on the mat on my back, spread my legs and bring my knees almost up to my ears, completely exposing my pussy and drawing open the entrance to my cunt.
He grabbed Stevie’s collar, walked him around and led him between my legs, leaving his hind legs up against my buttocks with his front paws beside me, my right boob resting against his leg. His pink cock was quite long and looked so beautiful, aimed down at my cunt. I suddenly had one of my strong animalistic urges and involuntarily thrust at the hips to raise my pussy up to meet his dog cock.
Hubby had Stevie by the collar with one hand and steadied the dog’s hind quarters with the other. As I thrust upwards hubby deftly directed Stevie’s cock into my cunt and as soon as I felt him inside me I began thrusting up and down with the urgency I always feel with animal cock.
Stevie was panting and it wasn’t long before I was as well as I kept thrusting, keeping my head up so I could watch the dog’s cock disappearing into my body. Every time I saw his exposed pink cock it spurred me on as Stevie just stood there and let me fuck him.
I fell into a rhythm, rocking back and forth on the curve of my back with an extra hip thrust to ensure Stevie’s entire cock was enveloped by my cunt.
So focused was I that I hadn’t even realised the shed had fille
d with onlookers who all had a great view of me thrusting faster and faster, straining to get Stevie to deliver his doggy cum load into my vagina.
Just then Stevie brought his head around and gave me several big licks as I felt him release inside me. I stopped thrusting and kept my hips raised, tightening my pelvic muscles around his cock as he delivered his cum stream. But because Stevie’s cum was quite thin it soon welled up and leaked out of my dog cock-filled cunt, dripping onto the floor.
I quickly released and extracted myself, rotating so my head was under his dripping cock and opened my mouth to catch as much as I could, then lifting up to suck the rest of his cum out of his cock.
Finally I collapsed on the mat as Stevie gave me one more lick before hubby led him away.
“That was fantastic, Maria,” one of the guys, a recent addition to the staff named Simon, said. “You really love animal cock, don’t you?”
“I love all cock, Simon,” I replied with a smile. “After all we are all animals and fucking is the thing that comes most naturally.”
Simon chuckled. “So does that mean you’d love my animal cock too?”
I glanced at the front of Simon’s now bulging shorts.
“Show me,” I purred.
Simon didn’t need to be asked twice. He shucked down his shorts and underpants in one motion and I rose to my knees as he approached. I couldn’t take my eyes off his thick hard rod already sprung to attention. I licked my lips both in anticipation and to moisten my suddenly dry mouth. My tongue flicked out to meet the head of Simon’s cock, running along his shaft, then my lips tasting his meat.
Simon threw his head back as I teased his erection into greater stiffness until he couldn’t stand it anymore, seized my head in his rough farm hands and plunged his cock past my lips, into my mouth and down my throat.
As he throat fucked me I was dimly aware of hubby moving among the crowd urging and encouraging, pants and t-shirts discarded and hands exploring my body.
My big heavy tits were slapped from side to side and bobbled up and down as hands slipped between my legs and one, two, then three fingers entered each hole.
Other cocks were presented for me to suck, my hands were wrapped around hard poles and at some stage I was lifted easily and deposited on a cock while another penetrated my anus.
I lost count of how many times cocks were inserted into my slutty fuckholes, releasing their cum loads inside me and then withdrawing. A couple of guys jerked off into my face, also splattering my hair and tits with their white sticky goo.
All the while hubby encouraged them to fuck me harder and faster, to treat me like their sex slave, to use my body for their pleasure.
After a while there was a pause as the men turned to watch hubby leading a German shepherd toward me, still with a couple guys shoving their cocks into my face while I rode a third one.
But hubby didn’t bring the dog straight to me. He took the dog to a petite blond girl I hadn’t seen before. She was topless, wearing only a g-string, revealing her barely B cup boobs, but with long, hard nipples. She lay on her back and started rubbing the shepherds belly, teasing out his dogs dick. When it was long enough she started to suck it, taking its full length in her mouth.
Hubby came over to the mat. “Keep fucking the slut, boys, till our little surprise is ready for her.”
He saw me watching the girl enthusiastically sucking the shepherds cock. “Emma is your dog cock fluffer, whore, and the dogs name is Brutus. You’ll soon find out why.”
A thrill of anticipation ran through me as I watched Emma prepare Brutus for me. In the meantime the men renewed their gangbanging of me, with increased vigour, till hubby whistled and the dog obediently trotted over to him.
As if it was pre-planned, the man who had been fucking my ass in a triple penetration got up and moved aside. As soon as Brutus saw the available hole, he pranced up and mounted me immediately.
I gasped as that huge dock cock was slammed right into my ass. I had never felt such power from a dog before, only from a horse like Herman.
I was still riding Simon, with his cock buried deep in my cunt, and another guy still fed his meat into my mouth.
I was in a triple penetration with two men and a dog.
The other guys were cheering and whistling as Brutus reared up with his front paws on my shoulders.
“Here it comes boys,” hubby called out.
I wondered what hubby meant, thinking at first that Brutus was going to cum up my ass so quickly. But then I felt my anus being stretched and realised that it was Brutus’ knot I could feel. It kept growing, like his cock had when I watched Emma fluff him, and I realised his knot was going to be massive, like his cock.
Brutus was growling, low and deep in his throat as he felt his knot swelling inside my ass. It started to hurt and I felt a scream beginning in my throat as I wondered when the dogs knot would reach full size. But the cock thrusting through my mouth and down my throat stifled it and all I could do was let out little gasps as his cock drew back only to feel it plunge back in again.
I don’t know how long Brutus’ knot lasted, only that another five cocks were forced down my throat during that time.
My ass and cunt were so full of cock, both dog and man, that I could barely feel anything. But eventually Brutus relaxed and his cock slipped out of my ass with a loud “plop” and a river of dog semen seemed to explode out as well.
Hubby was ready though and caught most of it in a glass, which he handed to me.
“Drink up Maria, ” the guys called.
“Bottoms up slut,” another laughed.
I licked my lips and savoured the tall glass of Brutus’ cum, drinking it slowly.
“Anyone have a jizz chaser?” I asked.
One of the guys who had been stroking his cock stepped forward. “Here’s another load for you, you perverted dog bitch,” he said as a stream of his cock juice hit my nose and mouth. I did mange to catch a fair bit.
“Now we’re going to see if you can do a threesome with two men and a horse, slut,” hubby told me.
A couple of the blokes grabbed me by my arms and marched me out of the room by a side door straight into the stables, where there were about a dozen stalls. Only three of them were occupied by horses, however.
They took me to the second stall where a 14 hand stallion was being fed some carrots and apples by one of the guys I recognised had been gangbanging me earlier.
A couple of others brought in a stand covered by a thick blanket and placed it in the stall. The guy on my right, still naked, just as I was, winked at me and indicated the horse cock.
“Go for it, slut, see what you can do with that horse cock.”
I felt the warmth spread to my pussy again as I bent to have a closer look, reaching out to start stroking it. The horse shifted a bit as I did, but the farmhand at his head kept him interested in the next tidbit.
“What’s his name?” I asked as I brought both hands into play.
“Doesn’t matter, whore; you fuck strangers all the time, so this is just another cock you get shoved inside you.”
As his cock grew, I could bring it to my mouth and start sucking him. It wasn’t long before the guys tapped me on the shoulder and moved the stand into position, with one if them laying down on it on his back.
“Sit on my cock, slut, and prepare your ass.”
I mounted him, taking his eight inches deep into my cunt. The stand was at just the right height so my ass was level with the horse’s cock and my head was positioned so I was staring right at the other guys cock. I wasn’t staring for long – he stepped forward and aimed his cock right into my mouth.
I hadn’t seen her, but Emma had followed us into the stall and she reached out and kept stroking the stallions cock, bring it closer to my ass as she did.
At a nod from one of the men watching, Emma began feeding the hose cock into my ass.
One of the men helped her spread my ass cheeks while she stuffed the tip of the horse cock into my open anus. I was riding a stiff man rod, sucking another, and getting anal fucked by the stallion.
Soon the guy I was sucking off began stroking his cock with his cock-head still in my mouth, shooting a load before plunging it back in so I could drink up every last drop. Another guy took his place and still Emma was stuffing that horse cock deeper up my ass.
I was gasping between cocks as my holes were all being used, hearing the grunts of the men as they fucked me and Emma’s heavy breathing as she worked hard to jerk that stallion’s cock in my ass.
It wasn’t long before I felt a flood of moisture between my legs as both horse and man ejaculated virtually simultaneously. The guy with his cock in my mouth wasn’t far behind either, so once again I was covered in semen.
The guy underneath me tapped my arm to indicate I should dismount and he levered himself off the stand as well. It was only then I realised quite a few of the guys has been crowded around the stall door, watching.
As soon as we disengaged the stand was dragged to the next occupied stall where a different bloke lay on it.
He indicated his upstanding cock. “Sit on it, slut,” he ordered.
I was hustled to the stand and two guys virtually lifted me and lowered me onto him, as he directed his hard rod into my ass.
Emma had already begun getting this horse cock ready as I felt the man cock drive balls deep up my ass.
Suddenly my head was jerked back and down as still another farm hand appeared over me. He angled his cock down and dropped it right into my open mouth, forcing it down my throat which was more or less in a straight line. He had what looked like 10 or 11 inches of rock hard cock so I felt like a sword swallower, his balls slapping against my forehead.
Just as I had gotten used to the position, my back arched between the two cocks, I felt several sets of hands running over my tits, slapping them around, pinching my nipples. Emma spread my pussy and opened my cunt, inserting the stallion cock. I stiffened as the wide head was kneaded into my cunt with more of the stallion’s shaft soon following.
Emma was stroking his cock deeper into my cunt, my legs spread far and wide, one almost straight up resting again the horses flank and the other flailing around as Emma jammed his cock into me.
I couldn’t make a sound as my mouth and throat were completely filled, but internally I was straining with the effort.
All three cocks continued to pound me as I lost track of time, focussed only on the sensations induced by the male members deep in my body.
The farm hand throat-fucking me released first, keeping his cock jammed all the way down my throat, his warm stream of jizz heading straight down my gullet. Next came the hot enema of cum up my ass and finally the stallion, perhaps encouraged by the pheromones of ejaculate in the air, added his generous measure.
The white goo was pooling on the floor of the stall as the cocks withdrew and I was again allowed up. But my holes had been so used and abused in awkward positions, I could hardly stand, and two of the guys had to help me back to the shower area. I leaned wearily against the wall, allowing the cool stream of water to do its best to revive me.
It was time for a break and a bit of afternoon tea in the main farm house while my legs recovered. It was a typical country Australian afternoon tea of scones, jam and cream. I didn’t bother getting dressed; I sat there completely naked with a room full of blokes, many of whom had fucked me not that long ago, and most of whom would also fuck me at some point during our stay there.
But while they all freely looked and – lets be honest – perved at my naked body, they mercifully left me alone for half an hour.
After a while hubby asked: “Feeling better, whore?”
I nodded and he took my hand and led me back to the large room where I met Stevie. All the guys trooped along as well.
But when we got there, many of the guys went around the back while hubby led me inside. Emma followed us in.
“Doggy position, whore,” he instructed.
Obediently I got down on hands and knees and waited. It wasn’t long before the side door opened and one of the farm hands entered leading a dog, a Great Dane.
The dog was led right to Emma who immediately teased out his cock, and started sucking it. The more she sucked, the bigger it got. Still she sucked, and still it grew.
“His name is Horse,” sniggered the farm hand.
“Sure looks like it, ” I replied.
Emma stopped sucking Horse’s cock and the hand led him to my rear, where he enthusiastically accepted the invitation silently sent by my exposed ass.
When Horse mounted me I almost collapsed, my big tits, which were hanging down, touched the floor before I managed to lever myself back up. He was a big, heavy dog, and it wasn’t that his forelegs were on my back – he was on all fours, just like me. But his chest pressed hard against my back, forcing me to lower myself a bit to fit under him. Not that Horse was worried – he was already pistoning his cock into my cunt, using those huge muscled hind legs to generate his power. I could feel the head of his cock hitting my vaginal wall.
The farm hand who had led him to me chose just that moment to unzip his pants, haul out his thick cock, force my head up and shove it into my mouth.
He was big, really big, filling my mouth and almost choking me.
“My nickname is Horse too, slut,” he told me gleefully. “How’s it feel to get fucked by two ‘horses’?”
I couldn’t answer except by accepting both cocks into my body and staying up to let them have their way with me.
I wondered if Horse was in deep enough to knot in me, and if so, how big his knot would be. I couldn’t even reach back between my legs to feel his knot because I would have lost my balance. But soon Horse let me know by streaming his cum in my cunt and moving off me. His handler also finished off in my mouth.
By then another dog had already been led to Emma and she had worked his cock into readiness. While I was still swilling cum in my mouth the second dog was on me desperately seeking one of my holes. Meanwhile Emma was already fluffing the third dog. And another man cock had been thrust into my mouth, so I couldn’t twist my head around to see.
It was a smaller dog at least so he mounted me in the normal fashion. ‘Haha,’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m being fucked by a dog and its normal.’ Well, in my sex life it was normal. And it was becoming more normal by the dog.
When the third dog mounted me Emma was busy getting a fourth dog ready. As soon as dog three finished with me, dog four was ready and dog five was receiving Emma’s tender ministrations.
Each time a new dog stuck his cock into me, finding either my cunt or ass, his handler stuck his cock into my mouth. Not all of them could manage to cum in the time their dog took to fuck me but they sounded like they were having fun fucking my face anyway.
I had no idea how many hounds there were, so all I could do was maintain my position as dogs six and seven came – literally – and went.
There was a mess of dog cum between my knees that had dripped out of my holes, and a smaller pool under my head, because I managed to swallow most of the man cum.
Dog eight was another big one, perhaps a Doberman or something similar, with a lean body. He had one paw on my back and the other on the ground and had managed to find my ass first. I briefly caught sight of Emma sucking the ninth dog cock but focused on raising my rear to take the Doberman’s cock deep in my ass. Only two of the dogs had knotted in me so far and one of them had slipped out of my cunt, probably because it was stretched and slippery with dog cum.
Finally I could feel the Doberman’s cock swelling in my ass and I let out a sign of satisfaction even though my mouth was full of cock at the time. The Doberman settled as he knotted in me, his hot breath panting on the back of my neck. He took about 20 minutes before he released me with one final thrust.
His handler had well and truly jerked his cock off in my mouth while the Doberman was knotted in me, so a couple of the guys who hadn’t quite managed to squirt each had a second go.
Emma had some difficulty in keeping dog nine interested because of the length of time the Doberman had taken. The routine had been broken and the dogs were now more interested in playing with each other.
“Ravaged by eight dogs in a row, Maria, that’s a pretty good run,” hubby said. “We’ll call it a day there.”
“Okay,” I managed. “Too bad about the last dog. How many did you have?”
“Oh we had a few more, dog bitch, but its okay,” hubby replied. “There’s always tomorrow.”

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