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Pam - Slamming Pam

“Pam brings that sweet pussy back for Sam to enjoy”

Producer: ZDT
Models: Pam with Sam
Running Time: 27 Minutes
Price: 30 Euros  

Movie Available *

ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie
Sam wets up Pam’s hot box ready for some hot and hard loving…

For our regulars, Pam requires no introduction. If you are new to this, Pam is a delicious experienced slice of Latin Pet Girl loveliness. Much like that first cigarette of the day, a cold beer on a hot day, or Gramma’s apple pie, this Lady goes down easy. ZDT’s boy Sam has had the pleasure of Pams company a number of times, and that pet pussy hasn’t lost her touch.
Pam is one of my favorite ZDT Models, I know I’m not alone in feeling that way. Pretty and sexy, playful, and – clearly – really quite comfortable giving up her treasures for the enjoyment of pets, and us petfans alike. “Mucha Muchacha – Wow, too much of a girl!” Seeing Pam fucking a dog can get me exploding in my shorts at 50 paces.

ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie
Experienced Petgirl Pam knows exactly how to offer herself to a dog…

Pam knows the drill. She has what Sam wants, tucked neatly away in her panties where other hounds can’t get at it. For Sam though, the panties come off and the keys to Pams city are laid at his paws. That lucky fluffy Devil 🙂
It’s a no-frills production, but really. Like Sprite, image is nothing, thirst is everything. If you’re like me, I got to obey that thirst for good pet loving. Sometimes it’s nice to see a bit of creative decor. Usually I’m less interested in the packaging and more interested in the cakes. Fortunately for us Petfans, Pam has enough slices of her tender moist cake to go round.

ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie
Sam can’t wait to sink his hungry doggy cock inside that hot Latin vagina…

The movie is exactly what it says on the can. Sam hasn’t seen Pam for a while now. I’m sure he’s delighted to see the lovely Lady again. Maybe a little irked that it took Her so long to get her buns back into his kennel, but hey. Nothing an extra vigorous pussy hammering can’t resolve. Love will always find a way, and as usual Sam finds his way into the Lady’s sex with his typical suave style.

ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie
Pam knows the drill, and takes that hard dog dick all the way inside her…

It’s glorious to see Pam back in action. Sam’s hips get to thrusting, and that hungry red dog cock slides in, and out of Pam’s juicy sex hard and with passion. Slick with Lady juice stirred up with a steady flow of canine precum, he pushes his tool deep into Pam’s soul, locking it there with a fat knot.

ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie
Perfectly tied Pam pussy, always a delicious feast for the eyes…

Pam whimpers gently as Sam bucks into her. Seeing that Ladys software being expertly stirred by Sam’s rocket gets me whimpering too. Pam really knows how to fuck a dog, and I hope she keeps coming back for more. That pet pussy is way too fine to not be put to her intended use. Whatever the Lady does during the day to day, she really needs to stop all that and spend a lot more time on her hands and knees.

ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie
Deeply tied – Pam waits patiently for Sam to finish his cum, taking it all inside her…

It’s reassuring to know that each thrust injects a good squirt of pure dog semen flying into Pams sweet pussy. The Ladys sex really knows how to milk that jizz. And whatever may leak out during the lovesession, we can be assured that a good amount lingers on, steadily working it’s way into that Latin womb in search of an egg to fertilize.

ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie
Ever the Gent, Sam cleans up his lover, making sure she is fully bred…

Honestly, I can’t quite make out if there are 2 mounts in this session or if it’s just 2 angles of a single mount. Either way, there’s a good amount of action to enjoy and plenty enough to keep us petfans satisfied. It’s great to have this Lady back, and here’s hoping she is loving dogs way into her future. Hope you enjoy, and have fun Slamming Pam 😉

ArtOfZoo - Slamming Pam - Dog Sex Movie
Don’t worry Lady, that thing is well and truly locked up inside you where it belongs…

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