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Pippa And Elvis - Cherry Pippa

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ArtOfZoo Movies - Cherry Pippa
We’d like to start giving you a little glimpse behind the scenes on some of our shoots. Anyone who tells you making a doggy movie is easy, hasn’t made too many.
Pet movies are arguably the most difficult kind of movies to make. They say don’t work with children or animals, it’s clear why. When you are working with pets – even experienced pets like Elvis – you are working with a pro who takes no direction, and does what he wants to do regardless of what you’d like him to do.
Artofzoo Movies Pippa
In a typical adult movie, you are able to do take after take of a scene until you get it right. With a pet movie, you have 1 shot at getting the action. When the hero starts rocking, the entire production crew has to leap around the room trying to get those precious seconds of action. They need to shift the lighting around, the cameras – they need to do this with split-second timing. They need to get the side-angle, the face-shot and the undershot – all without getting each other in the shot. And, the hero will only go once – there are no retakes. Once he has done his thing, he is done. Man, it is NOT easy.
You good folks usually only get to see the best movies of the bunch, too. For every pet movie we release on our network, there are probably 10 that we decline to release.
We can make nice amateur-ish movies with a little more ease. The same rules apply, leaping around the room etc. But in an amateur production, the attention to detail can be overlooked somewhat. We have many great producers, producing great amateur material. We wanted to try improving the production values on our pet movies; give them the kind of slick look and feel that is so readily caught in a more mainstream movie. Why would we do this? Because, if we hope to encourage more folks to explore their animal side, petlove needs to be beautiful. Real eye candy. When a non-pet person can look at one of our movies, and think yeah that looks pretty wonderful – then we have achieved something.
ArtofZoo Movies Pippa
Upping the bar on movies is a work in progress. As soon as you start to have a plot, script etc, you need specific shots. It’s a different animal entirely. To get a perfect side-shot, you can’t have a camera crew crawling around between the model’s legs trying to get the undershot. It requires take after take – we’d let Elvis fuck a little, then stop him so he doesn’t shoot his load. Give him a little rest, then go again.
Typically, even with the most basic of plots/scripts, a movie like this takes 3 times longer to shoot, 3+ times longer to edit. We make the same amount of money on a movie like this, so why do we do it?
Quite simple. The reasons stated above – we don’t do it purely for the money. Petlove is an art, and like any artists, we like to work towards perfecting our art. Movie by movie, we learned, it got easier. I won’t say we perfected our art yet, because we haven’t. But, as things go forward, we will.
Cherry Pippa is such a movie, and was great fun to make. Stressful, but fun. Finally edited, the movie came out at around 13 minutes. This is a little short for my taste. Also, some folks like the plot stuff, some folks just like the action. So, at the end of Cherry Pippa, you will get to see a little “behind the scenes” stuff. Even a bit of yours-truly 🙂
Artofzoo Movies Pippa
Domino and Pippa were always wonderful to work with. Pippa spoke hardly any English, Domino none whatsoever. Every line of dialogue had to be rehearsed over and over until the Ladies both remembered it AND could pronounce it properly. This is a tough call, remembering lines in a foreign language, while you are being filmed by 8 people and being fucked by a doggie. Bravo to the Ladies.
About Pippa – she came to a casting shoot because she wanted to get into porn. Petite little Lady, very cute – a little crazy, but funny. She was usually wearing Issey Miyake “Eau d’Issey” – that stuff always gets me going. Casting shoot on, Pippa stripped down to her panties, then off they came. She has a delightful little flower – a little furry (mmm), with the pinkest labia. We asked if she’d like to be an extra on a doggy shoot – she said okay. You will remember that shoot, “A New Love”. Domino makes doggylove look easy, so when we asked if Pippa would like to try a little doggy herself, again she said yes.
Artofzoo Movies Pippa
Elvis was delighted, he fucked her and fucked her time after time. I expect the few months she was working with us, she enjoyed more doggycock than any other kind of cock. And a little down the line, when we asked her if she’d like to do some straight porn with a guy, she declined. “I like with the dog”, she said, “it’s nice”. Elvis is such a charmer with the Ladies 😉
Now, a few words from Lady Stray who was co-director on Cherry Pippa…
“Cherry Pippa” is on a run so I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about the lovely stars of the movie as they are not able to be here in person to say “hello”  🙂
To start with our leading lady Ms Pippa, she is so sweet… This was one of many experiences with the Doggie Bone and she enjoyed it immensely, as you will see…
She’s a glamorous little sex-kitten this cutie. With honey blonde hair, big blue eyes, and the cutest face and bod… who could resist her?  Add to this Domino, with dark hair and puppy brown eyes and we’re in for some explosive action.
Artofzoo Movies Pippa
Pippa loved making movies so much she wanted to quit her job and make pet porn full time. She is very dedicated to her work as a doggie girl, if you can call it work when it’s what you love.
This Lady really took to Doggie Lovin and fell for Elvis in a big way. The attraction between them is palpable and they make such a cute couple.
It was a wonderful experience to see the transformation from innocent who had never considered petlovin into a full-blown (no pun intended) Doggie Bitch. And she loved every minute of it, hehe.
I think a lot of that had to do with Domino who was a great advocate for “Doin the D”. Domino really lit a fire in Pippa during the filming of “A New Love” (their first movie together).
Domino handheld Pippa into the world of doggie love, and Domino did a wonderful job of putting Miss P at her ease and sparking a desire to get down with the petlove.  
Artofzoo Movies Pippa
Pippa had a great chemistry with Domino. You will see the sex scenes between them are very intimate and genuine.
Domino is a lovely lady and one of our most popular models (based on fan mail).
We always called on Domino to “break the new girls in” as she’s a very good role-model for any Lady. She certainly gets the business done 😉
I love that Domino, the maid, takes the dominant role it’s an interesting twist on the traditional subbie maid. Miss Domino is the perfect Doggie Domme to lead a girl into the world of pet passion.
I will end about Domino by saying she must suck some mean cock. Elvis is not so keen on having his cock sucked but he doesn’t mind if it was Miss D doing the sucking. He warmed to having Pippa’s lips around his shaft too, she has a nice style of doggysucking too. Gentle, tender and juicy.
Artofzoo Movies Pippa
Elvis for his part really loved both Pippa and Domino. Well he loves all his girlfriends if truth be told ;-).  He is such a ladies hound, he loves his work he really loves making movies as you can see from his performance. He’s a smart boy and is really good at following his queues so he is very easy to work with. Naturally, like all animal stars he sometimes has his own ideas about how a scene should be played. That’s stars for you.
Love you all,
Stray Xxx :-)”

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