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Seamless-Flow 2 Plus 2 - Yasmin - Boar And Dog Fucking And Cumming In Pussy

I was now shitting myself at the thought and very possible outcome of getting caught in this… ludicrous situation. An unknown beach walker and his Dog had come into sight less than 200 meters away from the bushy undergrowth where I was hiding, while watching my wife receiving cunnilingus action from my prized Labrador. I need to think quickly and divert the direction of this guy and his mutt… but HOW ??
All in the space of seconds I turned my attention back to center stage ‘The Dog Sex action’ of which for me was a ‘mind fuck’ as I had never seen this before… especially with my WIFE as the star. She was absolutely unaware of the beach walker and didn’t miss a beat, being that she was completely vexed and in her own world without a care having the time of her life. I couldn’t believe my eyes with what next happend… Where before, she was trying – without luck, to get Xavier’s rear end (tail first) around to face her…. she now succeeded and was holding his Hock (lower rear leg elbow) in one hand and had his huge, very engorged and drooping rock hard cock in the other. Being that she came from a family that had a Dog Breeding back ground she was well versed in how to handle his massive member correctly – as she had helped breed Dogs as a young teenager.
Q: You have stated in your other chapters that care must be taken when handling a Doggie Dick and not to touch his balls in case he bites. So HOW do I hold it without hurting him if I wanted… um… to gently suck… umm play with it ?
A: Well this has been answered in a previous chapter, however a little further detail on holding, controlling and manipulating his Cock maybe in order here.
NOTE: Below are follow-on’s from the end of ‘NOTE #9’ AND ‘NOTE #10’ in Part / Chapter 2 of this blog.
The follow-on from ‘NOTE: #10’ should be the manipulation type, which for both sucking and ‘first time’ / Trial’ fucking will be the ‘Dildog’ technique (ohh… I can almost hear the long time Zooey’s gagging as I say this lol). The Dildog technique is basically using his Cock as a Dildo for both sucking and fucking purposes. I must stipulate that this is – unnatural for the Dog… however for the sake of learning as a hand ‘control’ type as well as you both getting used to each other, this is very useful. It must be said that – however natural the ‘Mount’ is, it can have it’s setbacks and disadvantages (for first timers) namely being that a ‘nooby’ (person who is new to this) can get extremely frustrated with the Dog going from ‘mount’ to ‘dis-mount’ continuously and the woman going cold (so to speak) because this can continue for up to and even beyond an hour. The poor guy is confused… smell, fur (lack of pubes) etc. all add to his state of confusion. NOTE: Refer to ‘The Remedy / ‘Set-Up’ from part / chapter 2 – being – you are not a female Dog (bitch). NUFF SAID.

This Dildog technique (oral and entry) is done by aiming his Cock out between his hind legs (like another tail) giving the woman complete access to the entire length of his cock without having to get under him or fighting through a mass of fur, which can be exasperated with long coated Dogs.
There are really 2 ‘holds’ that are useful tools for the above control.
* 1). Single finger grip – this holding technique is very good for either sucking or penetration: place your last three fingers (from your pinky to your middle or ‘social’ lol finger) against your palm, then make a ‘O’ (like an OKAY sign) with your pointer and thumb. Have your thumb so as it is hard up and in line with the other fingers. The small remaining loop is what will encompass the ‘Tendon’ / ‘Gristle Bone’ (for the want of better terminology) and will comfortably hold him firmly without any injury, soreness or even stress for him, however do not over tighten your grip… the loop alone (once securely fastened around his Cock) will be enough to manipulate his member, but do not yank him around using his Cock as a leash. Remember not to touch his balls if he is unknown to you (stray etc.) or even if it is the first time sexually that you have both been together as there maybe issues (read past parts / chapters).

* 2). Palm wrap grip – The preferred sucking hold – this is by far the easiest way to hold him while blowing him. Simply hold your slightly cupped and open fingered hand… palm-up, then place your palm under his knot with your pointer and social fingers either side of the Tendon. His Cock should be aimed up your arm and towards your open mouth for very easy oral access. Bon Appetite… Mon Cheri 😉
Remembering that the LEAST amount of HAND contact – to his SHAFT is better in either of these holding controls (smack the hand away…. smack it…. naughty hand).
Now…. back to the drama unfolding in our story…
I could see her holding his Cock but she was the other side of his body… not sure what exactly was happening…. then… I saw his spraying pre-cum in shots – like blasts of a plastic syringe full of water and she was aiming it at her open mouth…. FUCK. So damn hot… sooo damn unlike ME to even like this but shit, it was hot as hell.
My attention SNAPPED BACK to focus on the impending danger… I could see the guys Dog at the waters edge playing with the rolling foam of the softly breaking water on the golden sand. And he was now barking. Xavier, (being the Alpha of the entire Kennels) ‘Brunted’ (a cross between a bark and a grunt which Labs are known for as they puff their cheeks out – it’s kind of cute to see). Luckily WE (myself and the ‘porno show’) were facing the breeze…. so even though the early breezes are gentle, combined with the ocean noise, any sound facing the breeze will be unheard unless it is quite loud. We were NOT heard by the oncoming ‘interruption’… but I had to do something and fast…. All I could think of was alerting my wife, so I stood up and ran to her, tripping over the large protruding root system of these tree-like bushes that we were hiding inside. SHE lol… didn’t even hear me coming (so to speak) she was continuing her (I guess) ‘morning snack’. But Xavier saw me and the jig was up. I quickly ran to her and said SHHHHH… it’s ok… this is not important…. I actually understand and get it (WTF was I saying… I just wanted to say anything that would stop her from making any loud noises and hence compromise our location and…. shudder…. be found out). well… she was as red as a Rose with a broken stem on Valentines day lol. I quickly added…. there… a guy and his Dog (while pointing). I will come up with something to go tell the guy before he gets here.

Now…. for the record when a Dog is ‘chubbed up’ / has a Stiffy / cracked a Boner… it will be that way until HE no longer feels stimulated or emptied his load…. so I HAD TO go and say something to avoid US being caught (remembering here that Dogs have amazing sense of smell – the other Dog would have smelled Xavier and barked).
I asked if she had clothes inside her small carry bag… she replied (slobbering in tears) y… y yes I think so. With that I ran / hopped / and vaulted back to where the opening was that I entered. I peered over a part in the bushes that had vision to the ocean in the guys direction and I could see the Dog less than 30 meters away. I ran around the blind side of the bushes so as to be heard by my wife (so she could play along and have the same story) and shouted out… ‘HEY’…. still he couldn’t hear but sure enough the Dog did. I yelled out… ‘NOO’… Please keep your Dog leashed, we have a sick Dog of our own here. The guy quickly leashed his pup and ran towards me…. ‘Are you ok bud… who got hurt’ ?… I explained to him (still with a decent volume so as the wife could hear) that our Dog had recently been in surgery and had stitches. With that the wife appeared lmao…. with Xavier in a pair of Long ‘PINK and WHITE’ bike pants (leggings)… and she had stuffed a towel down the front to conceal his hard BIG Cock. I was actually chuffed at how quickly she thought of doing that. The guy and his dog (who was sniffing Xavier around the nethers like c r a z y…. lol left almost as soon as they arrived and bid us farewell.
I almost fainted…. my heart was cracking in my chest…. and I could see that she was in the same state.
‘Sooo’ I said in a smart assed yet light attitude…. we must talk my love – as I then grabbed her hand and led her under her own steam and not forcefully – back into the bushes where we all were beforehand.
Wanna tell me about this HON ? (chuckled) She too had a half smile on her face but her eyes looked like they were in shock.
‘Look I don’t know what to say… um… wh… what do y you want to know…. um… exactly’ ? I sat her down and began to remove the ridiculous Bike Pants from Xavier… the towel was drenched in his pre… yet his boner had subsided back to its comfy little sleeping bag and retired. He was very boisterous and I just knew that he needed more…. and damn it… I…. NOW… wanted to SEE more (he he he…)
‘Aren’t you crazy mad with me’ she said while her eyes filled with tears…. ‘Well…. I WAS’ I said ‘in fact I thought that today would turn out very differently to… well this’. ‘I thought to myself while on the way here to find you…. that it was MY fault – in my gut I KNEW you were doing this’ ‘What…. nooo why’ she said all choked up. ‘Look, I know that you have wanted Anal for… well since our wedding day really’ ‘But I couldn’t do it…. I didn’t want to hurt you’ ‘I chickened out and let the “guy team” down’
‘What the fuck would make you think that…. I never mentioned “Anal” – not that I can remember’ she said clearing her throat… OHH… wait, wait….. wait…. now I remember, YOU made mention of one of my bridesmaids… and how hot she was’. (She was right, I was quite intoxicated [as I mostly never drink]) and she went on to say that (I said) – ‘it would be hot to see her and my wife together’ (y’know… as all pissed twits on their wedding days do… Jesus. What an IDIOT I am) – then she arced up and spouted – ‘that’s when I said to you…. “that’ll happen when Hell freezes over…. or I get Anal Fucked”… by the way…. meaning NEVER to both’ she jousted. I felt like the biggest dickhead…. all that time… I should have said something sooner.
‘WAIT’ this is about you… not me’ I said. ‘Today I almost died seeing my wife with my boy’.  ‘How’… ‘Why’?
‘Look I could tell you a ‘made up’ story, but honestly… I just get off on (she paused for what seemed like the next wash day lol) ‘Sigh…. Dog Cock’ – and with that she closed her eyes and grimaced like she thought she was about to be smacked. (My Cock had just twangled in my shorts – which by the way were still smeared with cum from the ‘Main Event’ earlier that day).
‘I will tell you how this will play out’ I said… ‘Before we go back to the Kennels you are going to continue where you left off’ ‘No nooo… I can’t you must be joking…. after all that’s happened… NO WAY’. ‘Well if you do not do this in front of me now, here, today… I will tell all the other handlers AND your friends at the Dog Shows’ ‘AND’ I continued… your parents as well as ‘your friend’ Ami the Vet…. wow, ‘she’ will crucify you… so will your dad’
‘Actually… Dad and Ami will not batter an eyelid. Dad taught me when I was 14 – ‘WHAT’ I interrupted – you’re friggin’ joking right’….. ‘and Ami and I have had a 4sum with 2 of her Mastiffs’ she blurted out half laughing, half crying’. But I will be the laughing stock of the town if you tell the crew…. please don’t’
‘Well me luv… You have 2 choices…. it’s your call’
(I could feel my Cock stiffen and I was getting a dry throat again…. I could tell that soon I would be Blowing my load and cumming hard – in fact ALL 3 of us would be).
In part 5 – the action goes into overload. Do not miss the finale to this story, cumming soooon

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