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Seamless-Flow - Sink Into Pink

So I guess my first blog should be about how it all started for me.
So I was a young thing, fresh to the diverse possibilities of sexual pleasure and completely open to exploration. While at this point I was very interested and had an experience or two with being on the receiving end of hard throbbing cocks, nothing had yet given me the full feeling of being a bitch.
It was during the summer and I was staying with friends that I had started having these dirty thoughts about this beautiful stud named Sam. He was big, playful, and after a couple of glances had a very large sheath which I had suspected contained a very large cock. After a few nights of very vivid sexual dreams I decided to have a little fun with Sam. Now he was a bit of a horny guy but I decided to flirt with him and get him all worked up and then eventually let him decide if I was worthy of having him take me.
I started with small things like bending over in front of him any chance I got, on days that I was extra wet I would let him smell my juices to his hearts content and when rough housing around I would let him win and know that he was the dominant one. After a couple of days of what I considered to be flirting things started to progressively turn to more sexual fun. While being playful he would mount me and instead of instinctively pushing him off I would let him stay and know that I submit.
I wanted him so badly in those moments, feeling him grasping my hips tightly and thrusting the instrument of pleasure against a warm wet opening only to be denied by a very thin fabric of my tight girly shorts. I could feel him searching for his target but even without penetration he would shoot very warm spurts showering my entire backside and thighs. Just the thought of how just a quick slip down of my shorts and he could be deep inside me made me crazy horny. I would allow him to mount me and cum on me several times a day for a few days.

Then on a Friday I decided it was time since I had the place to myself for quite a while. After a good day of humping and coating my body I needed a nice warm shower. He must have known I was going to be his because he followed me everywhere I went. To the bedroom he watched me remove the cum soaked shorties, t-shirt, and cute panties. I can see him staring at my naked body with anticipation in his eyes.
I flash him a smile and shake my cute round booty at him and tell him soon. As I walked over to the shower he again follows me and as I bend over to turn the water to the desired temperature he plunges his nose to let me know what he wants. I allow him to smell and lick whats his, and before getting in the shower I give him a kiss. After a good warm shower I head back to the bedroom and again Sam ever so patiently watching me as I put on some cute clothes. Nothing extravagant I tell myself because its gonna end up on the floor. All dressed up I jump on the bed and begin rubbing myself while Sam watches me.

Revving to go I switch on the bed to all fours and stare intently at Sam. Without words he jumps up on the bed to join me, I customarily spread my legs a little and allow him to sniff my pleasure opening. The thought again of him deep inside me with desire flushed over my whole body and as he mounted me like many times before but this time as I felt him jab and thrust about I slowly slid down my cute soft pink panties and began to angle myself just right for his pleasure. I could feel the soft texture of his red rod prodding my now very wet opening. With a quick grasp of my hips he thrust into me and at that moment all I could do was open my mouth and the only thing that came out was a loud “fuck yes baby!” and “God, make me your bitch!”

His consistent in and out was something I had never felt before. Every thrust inward felt deeper and more filling than I have ever been. His paws frantically scratching my sides but never causing pain. The feeling of his hot breath on my neck which comforting still could not compare to the warmth he was shooting inside me and now was dripping down my thighs. As he removed his cock from me I couldn’t help but feel an emptiness even though he was still dripping out of me. Then the most amazing thing I would ever feel happened, he mounted me again but this time after a few thrusts I felt something extremely large locking him inside me. He stayed locked inside me for what to me felt like forever. Once he was out we relaxed on the bed together, his cum was everywhere but I didn’t care. After that moment I was hooked and would give Sam my hole any and every time he wanted that I could.

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