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I’m Zoe and this is the story of how I met the only boyfriend I fell in love with.
So… I was best friends with my doggie, his name is Woof. Original right? I was at time dating Josh. The football captain. He had good looks, was charming and of course an expensive car.
After only 3 months after we got together he cheated on me… Of course with my best friend. I was in depression I was just staying in bed all day crying and listening to music, playing.
I just didn’t wanna see anybody. Mom would come to check on me from time to time but that was it. With me was only Woof. He never left my side, he was my only friend, no one else would even call me to see if I was alive . This happened in July so everyone was out having fun while I was in my room playing Witcher 3 or whatever I saw interesting.
However one night I noticed something strange about Woof. He was right next to me in bed, his head was resting on my pillow and he laid with his back to me as usual while I was playing. He fell asleep as I was playing and then as I closed my laptop and leaned above Woof to place it on the table I noticed something weird. He was in heat , his cock was erect, red and I could smell it from all the way up there as I was staring at it.
In a way I didn’t give it much thought but he was my best friend who was always here for me, never left my side and made me smile whenever I was crying he was probably overwhelmed with hormones with no mate and stuck with me. I felt bad in a way but he was a dog… I also owed him for everything. So I said to myself:

-What the heck? He deserves a reward. I gently leaned over closer to his cock , his scent got stronger and stronger as I approached but I have to admit it smelled good. I placed my hand on it and it felt weird, it was so different then a guy, I tried rubbing it but it seemed like I did something wrong. I woke up Woof in the process, he pointed his ears at me with a confused look as I smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the lips, he started wagging his tail happily and began licking my lips, I giggled but opened my mouth and let his tongue in, strangely it tasted really good I blushed and closed my eyes as I fell on my back while our tongues rolled around each other. He got above me with his cock right between my legs, he seemed to get more aroused so I moved my hand on his hot balls and gently massaged them as we were kissing . It took a very short time from that point until he came.
-Ahhh… I gasped surprised.

-Woof! Hmhm good boy. I said and giggling as I saw his cum shoot on my abdomen from his cock all the way up on my breasts, my shirt was soaking with his warm cum that was now slowly sinking into it on my tummy and on my breasts.
That aroused me a little, maybe more than a little, he came more than Josh ever did.
-All right boy, if you are so happy then here. I said looking at him with a smile on my face and I pulled off my shirt, he wagged his tail like he was happier than ever. Then he looked down at one of my breasts sniffing it.
-Hey you are trickling me. But I didn’t mind I loved how direct he was, he wanted me to be his mate so he didn’t waste any time to win me, I was already his. After he was done sniffing he started licking it, his soft wet tongue felt better then a guys on me the way he moved it and the way he cleaned my breast he hit just the right spots, my legs started shaking as I felt myself growing wet while he began moving his waist back and forth eager for more.
-If you want me so much then here. I said to him and I got up, he growled at me… A thing he never did before but I guess he was just scared of not losing his mate so I didn’t mind.

-Don’t worry boy I’m not going anywhere. I told him smiling as I took off my pants and panties, my wet pussy couldn’t wait to be cleaned by him and to be honest the more I thought about being Woff’s mate, the more I wanted it. I layed back on the bed with my legs wide open and pulled him gently above me with his head between my legs and his still hard hot cock right above my face. He immediately moved his head above my pussy and started sniffing it, his breath felt so good down there, I wish he was a better guy at that moment than any of my exes. After a good inspection with his cold nose started licking me, god his tongue was much better than a guy’s I began moaning without even realizing it.
-Ahhh yesss. I moaned while his tongue slipped from my clitoris all the way down next to my ass, he was so good at making me go insane, I opened my eyes to see his hard cock right above my face twitching with a little precum hanging down from the tip and suddenly a strange need to have it took me, I wanted to suck it, to lick it, to feel it all over my body, to worship it I realized I fell in love with my pet but he was just incredible at turning me on, I fell into the temptation I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of his delicious scent while my mouth melted, I opened it and gently pulled his cock down with one hand, I could feel the heat coming out of it on my face, it was incredible I never felt so good in my life, my mind became fuzzy as I sticked out my tongue and crawled it on his cock. The moment my tongue touched it I felt his weird taste it was way better then a guy’s cock I couldn’t stop licking it, I must have flooded every inch of it with my saliva which was dripping from it on my face.
I decided I should let him have his wish so I moved my chin lower and his cock slipped into my mouth I rolled my tongue around it gently but he had another thing in mind. While he was eating my pussy he thrusted his cock in my throat, in one thrust his whole cock went into me, his hot knot hit my lips as my throat was overtaken by it, I could barely breathe but it tasted so good I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted to, his balls were on my face and within seconds he was fucking my throat pushing his cock as deep as he could with every thrust, I felt so good as my own dog dominated me.
Soon after, he was playing with my clitoris, my legs were shaking violently and I felt myself losing control over my own body which turned numb, my mind turned blank and massive wave of pleasure rushed through me I came while he was licking me, my whole body was shaking as he kept licking me while I was coming, my juices started shooting out of my pussy between my legs on the sheets below covering my thighs, no one ever did that to me… I didn’t even know I could cum like that.
I layed on the bed unable to move and filled with pleasure as he stopped licking me but started fucking my throat harder and faster, his cock grew in me I could barely think then I felt his load coming through his cock while I was gagging on it, I wanted to pull my head back but I just couldn’t I was now at his mercy as he pushed as deep as his cock went in my throat, then I felt his warm, thick cum shoot in me
It was so hot and thick but it also felt so good I tried swallowing the whole load but it was too much, some of it oozed out through my nostrils as he pulled out of me still shooting his cum on my face, I turned on a side and started coughing out some of his cum. It tasted so good though better than anything else I ever felt, it felt bad coughing out a bit of it but I could still feel the rest flowing in my chest down into my tummy, that feeling was so arousing and so good I wish it would have last forever. I was breathing heavily and still shaking after I came.
I couldn’t believe I just gave my dog a blowjob even more I couldn’t believe I let him lick me until I came, I knew I was suppose to feel wrong or that it wasn’t right but god it felt so good and tasted even better, I knew what I was suppose to feel but I felt incredible, I felt beyond good. All of a sudden though Woof pushed me on my tummy I don’t know how but I just found myself on my tummy with him above me.
-Wh-What are you doing ?! Bad boy! I shouted trying to turn but then I heard an aggressive growl coming from him, I got scared that if I moved he would have bitten me or I don’t know. I was just scared and couldn’t find in me the courage to move, he moved his head above my pussy and gave it a last lick then he moved higher his front paws were now on my shoulders.
-P-please stop… I begged hoping he would obey but all he wanted was make me his mate. I was to be his female, he dominated me more than any guy ever did. I was scared very scared but also I liked it, I liked being used by him like that, my pussy was wet and despite how scared I was my body liked it my hip went up and my legs spread a little just enough to expose my pussy ready to be claimed. I blushed as my butt went up and I closed my eyes waiting to become his biting my lip. He moved his cock against my pussy spreading my lips with his tip teasing me.
In just one thrust he pushed so deep inside me that he hit all the right places macking my mouth open wide and my tongue stick out.
-AHHHH!! YESS! I yelled in pleasure, he didn’t give me time to adjust to his cock in me and started fucking me right away. I moaned so loud while he kept pushing deeper and deeper his knot slamming against my wet lips splashing my cream on my thighs.
God it felt so good my whole body was turning numb while I just smiling with my mouth wide open and my tongue out, all my thoughts were gone all I was now was his mate, his cock was so hot and so hard every move he made was macking me shake in pleasure I couldn’t believe how good it felt, my eyes rolled up in my skull while my pussy was burning up and my mind was turning blank, there was nothing I could think about except his cock fucking me I felt myself going insane because of the amount of pleasure he made me feel, again a wave of pleasure took me over as his cock grew bigger inside me, I moaned as loud as I could while I could feel his cum rushing through his cock shooting into me while I was cuming as well.
My juices shot out of my pussy again while his thick seed filled me. I couldn’t move anymore I could barely moan but he didn’t stop, my pussy was filled with divine cum but he was as hard as when I sucked him he only fucked me harder now while I was laying on the bed shaking and enjoying every second of him breeding me. I could feel his cum spewing out of me while he was hammering his cock into my pussy, I came over and over again until I was at the edge of passing out, I couldn’t feel my legs anymore all I felt was pleasure so much pleasure. He came one last time in me his cum now shooting out of my pussy all over my thighs.
Then he got off and layed next to me panting just like I was.
A couple of minutes passed and I heard a knock on the door.
-Zoe honey are you ok ? My mom’s voice spoke from outside the door.
-Y-yes mom … I was just watching a good movie. I said smiling
-Owh all right dear don’t stay up too long. she replied while I could hear her feet’s going down the hallway. I turned to Woof smiling and I hugged him.
-I love you boy. I said as I began crying but this time was of happiness, I cried because I fell in love with the only guy that I knew he loved me back.

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