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I’ve put this as a post, so if you have any additions, corrections or suggestions please pop them in the comments and I will tag them on as we go along.

CANDIDATE – What we called Playmates on previous networks
CHITE – Hypothetically delicious Whopper competitor, a ‘Cheeseburger Bite’ (Ch-ite), aka a delicious nutritious item otherwise packed in a wrapping dipped in feces. E.g. “You seem like a nice person. But your approach leads me to conclude you have been eating a few too many Chite burgers”
DILDOGGING – When using the dog cock as a dildo rather than natural action where the male is in control
DODGER – A Model in an animal sex movie that avoids being penetrated by the dog
DOG SLAVE – A Wild who has made a formal commitment to dedicating their body to the pleasure of dogs, under the guidance of a suitable Master or Mistress
FENCE JUMPER – Someone who has sex with other peoples animals without their knowledge or consent
FLOW – The volume of animal semen ejaculated into a womans vagina over a given period (e.g. ‘she had mated every day this week so her flow was strong’)
IKEA – Slang for interface kit
INTERFACE KIT – Equipment needed to handle the physical differences in species, and styles. (e.g. ‘I am interested in purchasing a new boar IK, regular.’)
K9sM – Canine slavery and Mastery, the Wild equivalent of BDSM

KNOT – The expanding ball-like part of the male dogs penis, designed to lock the penis inside the vagina during intercourse and prevent it from coming out, thus improving the chances of maximum semen injection. Knotted is the situation where the male dogs penis is locked inside the vagina
LOVESCRATCH – The clawmarks often experienced during intercourse with an animal
MISSIONARY – An advanced sexual position where the female lay on her back, taking the dog between her legs instead of the usual doggystyle position
MOUNT – The action of an animal climbing atop a mate just prior to intercourse
MOJO – (aka ‘The Red Baron’,’The Red Rocket’,’The Red Pill’ etc) – Nickname for the dog penis
NATURAL ACTION – Intercourse where the male performs naturally (mounting, thrusting etc) and is in control
NECTAR – Dog ejaculate, liquid emitted while the male is erect (seminal fluid and / or pre-cum)
OS – The bone inside the dogs penis

OWNER – Someone with suitable pets to play with, typically seeking ‘Playmates’ for adventures
PET PUSSY – Animal-friendly vagina, the finest pussy in the world!
PETSKILLS – The methods and techniques, and level of capability demonstrated by a Pet Girl
PLAYMATE – Someone interested in meeting with ‘Owners’ to enjoy sexual experiences with pets
RAIN – Word used to describe the shower-like spray of a dog during ejaculation
SHEATH – The protective cover of a male animals penis, a kind of animal equivalent to a foreskin
SHEEP – ‘Straights’, little lambs who get nervous when surrounded by well-meaning wolves, often lashing out in their own charming way

SNOWFLAKE – Someone turning to petlove in order be extra special, instead of just being wonderfully special like the rest of us. See ‘Zoophile
SWITCH – The moment a vagina accepts her first animal penis, and becomes a pet pussy (also used to describe someone who is variably Dominant or submissive)
UNDERSHOT – The difficult camera angle used to capture the action of a dog penetrating a woman (or man)
THE GUILT – The often challenging mental changes that occur when a Wild first begins to accept their interest in animal sex, usually passing quite quickly
TIE – (see also KNOT)
  • Shallow Tie – when the knot swells just inside the mouth of the vagina, and usually slips out quite easily
  • Deep Tie – when the knot swells behind the pelvic floor muscles of the vagina, forming a tight stable lock that is not so easily uncoupled
  • Turned Tie – when the male has knotted the female and turned ass-to-ass, an advanced technique
WILD – A person active in, or with an active interest in animal sex
ZOOPHILE – Derogatory term to describe a Wild, based upon the numerous paraphilia of Kraft Ebbing (suggesting that most all atypical sexual interests are a sickness of mind)

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