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ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl PerritaZOO
Verified Pet Lady, the fabulous PerritaZoo, has kindly agreed to do an interview for us. With a strong pet passion, and a stunning body to match – this Lady is guaranteed to break dogs hearts, all over the world 🙂
Hi, what’s your name?
How old are you?
I’m 27 years old.
Which country are you from?
I’m from Spain.
What music do you like, what movies, books?
I like all kind of music, from old to new. I love western movies, and read classics.
ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl PerritaZOO
PerritaZOO’s superb ass, guaranteed to put a smile on any dog’s face…
Do you have a philosophy of sex? How do you approach sex?
I’m very openminded and like to try out new things. I love animal sex, and feel attracted to other animal species. I like to be dominated.
How long have you been interested in animal sex?
Since I was very young.
How many times have you had sex with animals?
Unfortunately only a few times, because I don’t have my own dog. 🙁
Do you find pleasure in sex with animals?
Yes, it’s amazing!
Which animals have you had sex with?
Only Dogs.
Please describe how it makes you feel. Is it only physical? Or emotional?
Physically and emotionally it’s one of the strongest sensations a woman can feel. To me it has nothing to do with conventional sex, it is pure and wild instinct.
ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl PerritaZOO
One lucky dog gets up close and personal with PerritaZOO’s pet cookie…
Does it make you feel special, to be an animal girl?
Yes, very.
What is your wildest animal sex experience?
The first time I had sex with a dog I intended to try out gently, but for mistake the penetration was anal and was very shocking, although it was very exciting and hot. I’m hooked since.
What is your favorite animal sex fantasy?
My favorite fantasy is having sex with a herd of dogs, to be the little bitch of the dogs and being dominated and used.
ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl PerritaZOO
Something nice for Rover?
Please tell us a little about your first time. How did it happen?
Like I’ve mentioned before, that was my first and strongest experience. Since then everything has changed.
Were you surprised at the experience?
Yes, deliciously surprised.
Did the experience change you or your life in any way?
Yes, of course, can any woman ignore such an experience?
What would you have done differently, if you could do it again?
Nothing, it was perfect because was wild and natural.
Has there been a special pet in your life?
Not yet, I’m still waiting for him.
What race of dog is most attractive for you?
German shepherd.
Do you take a more dominant or submissive role in your dog sex?
In dog sex I’m always submissive.
ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Girl PerritaZOO
Wet dreams for any dogs in the vicinity…
Does your partner know about your animal passion?
Yes, and supports me in order to fulfill my wishes and desires.
Your words will be read by many people. How does that make you feel?
I like to share my thoughts and experiences to people who shares same tastes.
What affect would you like your words to have on people?
I’d like to contribute to open minds and encourage others to love animal sex, it’s all beautiful and natural.

All horny hounds want a PerritaZOO for Christmas…
What would you say to Ladies considering doggy sex for the first time?
Start enjoying girls! 😀
Anything you want to say to the readers?
Open your mind and enjoy yourselves.
Thank you for taking the time to speak with us PerritaZoo – we wish you many happy dog days, and many beautiful pet experiences in the future. 🙂

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